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These Two Dancing On A Deck Will Melt Your Heart!

Another reason to love dogs!

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This Real Housewife Had Her Home Raided?!

It's finalized! Kris and Bruce Jenner have settled their divorce! Their stuff has been divided and Bruce didn't leave empty-handed. Kris and Bruce Jenner won't get spousal support. As for their 17 year old daughter Kylie, since she's close to being an adult they are sharing joint custody. Kris Jenner paid Bruce Jenner $2.5 million to equalize things. Oh, and they both get to keep their airline miles. So actually, that's the cleanest Hollywood divorce I've ever seen!

The Real Housewives Of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice isn't having a great start to Christmas. I'm hearing that the Feds raided the Guidice family mansion this week after Teresa Giudice pleaded guilty to fraud charges and could not pay her $422,000 restitution bill! One issue: officials overturned the house and as a result took off with all the Christmas presents for her four daughters, pricey plasma TVs, a bunch of hidden cash and jewelry! Teresa Giudice was stunned by the raid and begged the police to not take the girls' Christmas presents but they didn't listen! The raid comes right before Teresa Giudice is about to start her 15 month prison sentence! Teresa Giudice's attorney is denying the whole thing! What do you think?

Too bad this rumor isn't true because it would have been a pretty nice score! People were saying that Beyonce paid for her sister Solange's honeymoon in Brazile as a way to apologize for the drama that happened in May between Solange and Jay Z in the infamouse elevator fight! But E! News is reporting that there's no truth to the rumors and that Solange Knowles and her husband, who are both successful on their own, paid for the trip by themselves. Aww, missed opportunity!

Jennifer Aniston is revealing a serious problem that she has in the bedroom! That problem, she can't sleep at night! Jennifer Aniston was on The Dr. Oz Show and spoke about her ongoing battle with insomnia, saying, "I have a hard time sleeping. Sleep is a tough one for me. My brain, the committee in my head, if I wake up at three in the morning I just start having conversations and they won't shut up and then I can't get back to sleep. I do have three animals and a human being in the bed, so there are all these distractions. I got an app on my phone that allows you to sort of track your sleep rhythms, like how deep you go. I don't really quiet ever get into the deep, deep, deep sleep. And am I going to die young?!" She's so healthy, I doubt that will happen!

What a great holiday present for these newlyweds! Ashlee Simpson and her husband Eva Ross are expecting their first child together! This will probably be the first of many considering Evan Ross has made it known that he wants a LOT of kids! This will be Ashlee Simpson's second child. She has a six year old son Bronx with Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz. Congratulations on the exciting news!

If you're a celebrity trying to enjoy Disneyland without drawing attention to yourself, you have to think of a disguise. Well, Channing Tatum tried to think of the best one that he could. So what did he do? How about dress up as the big guy, SANTA CLAUS! Some theme park goers figured it out and posted a few pictures on Twitter of him on rides like the Tower Of Tower. Good job figuring out who was underneath the suit! Sometimes Channing Tatum could be right in front of you and you wouldn't even know it!

Last week I told you about how Maroon 5 crashed a couple's wedding and surprised them with a performance. They also shot some scenes for their next music video! Well now the cat is out of the bag when it comes what they're doing! It's for their new single, "Sugar" and the theme: wedding crashers! Maroon 5 guitarist James Valentine says the plan to show up unannounced at actual weddings could have gone horribly wrong but thankfully it didn't. Their plan of attack: approach the grooms and make it be a surprise for the bride. What bride WOULDN'T love that surprise?!
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Please Define "Top"

Scratching my head just a little.

US Magazine put out a list yesterday of the Top 14 Celebrity Instagram Photos of 2014.
Six of the 14 involve the Kardashians in some way - by that calculation, they're taking up 43% of the internet, which sounds right and wrong all at the same time.

The rest of the list:
  • Jessica Simpson in a bathing suit holding a golf club
  • Macauley Culkin wearing a T-shirt with Ryan Gosling on it
  • Jessa Duggar's wedding kiss
  • Taylor Swift's 4th of July party
  • Nick & Vanessa Lachey's pregnancy announcement
  • Lauren Conrad's haircut
  • Bethenny Frankel wearing her 4-year-old's Hello Kitty PJs
The only one that really belongs - or at least makes some sense in being relevant - is the post Diem Brown's boyfriend put up after her passing, expressing his grief.

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Wrapping Up a Holiday Tradition

Darlene Love came to fame with the 1960s classic, "He's a Rebel."

But for close the three decades now, she's earned even more fame from her annual appearance on David Letterman's last show before Christmas to sing "Christmas" - aka "Baby Please Come Home."

She'll sing it one last time tonight, on Letterman's final show-before-Christmas. This time next year, Stephen Colbert will be sitting in Letterman's seat.

To get everyone in the mood, the folks at CBS put together a compilation of Darlene's appearances, blending them all together in one pretty spectacular rendition.

Enjoy - and be sure to set your DVR for tonight's performance...

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It's the Most Wonderful Prank of the Year

Jimmy Kimmel and his wife have a holiday tradition - well, sort of a tradition - with acting couple John Krasinski (from The Office) and Emily Blunt (most recently from Into The Woods).

They live across the street from one another, and for Christmas, they play pranks on each other.

This has been going on for a couple of years, and each year, the pranks get bigger and more out of control.

Watch the clip to see what Jimmy did to them last year - the thing he thought would bring the prank-feud to a conclusion.

And then watch to see watch Emily and John did to raise the bar considerably higher this year.

Nice to have that kind of money to throw away, but it is sort of fun to watch.

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Happy Holidays: Sheriff Santa

There's a guy in Missouri who gives away about $100,000 a year in $100 bills to random strangers.

This holiday season, he got a little bit of help - from the Jackson County Sheriff's Department in Kansas City.

The officers were handed a small pile of Benjamin Franklins and sent out on the street to help those who needed help.

What a terrific, feel-good story...

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Most Ridiculous Man of the Year

Here's a late-comer for the Most Ridiculous Man of the Year award.

A professional makeup artist in Manchester, England has reportedly spent about $150,000 for plastic surgery and more to look like his favorite reality TV star.

The star?

Kim Kardashian.

He's had lip fillers, laser hair removal and eyebrows tatooed on.

Take a look at the picture to see the results. And no, it is NOT Halloween. And he doesn't care what he looks like, according to The Sun, London's daily newspaper. "My look is all about the shock factor. I love all the attention and stares I get in the street. I welcome the hate — it just means more attention. And if anything, it just spurs me on to get more work done."

Good money chasing bad, folks. Especially since the guy looks more like the Octomom than the NorthWestmom.
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"Governor, This Is Barack Obama..."

What a fun moment.

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick made his final appearance on Boston Public Radio yesterday, and got a very interesting phone call as part of his farewell.

President Barack Obama called in, identifying himself as a former resident of Somerville, a suburb of Boston.

The president spent some time in the state while a student at Harvard, and he's got a good relationship with the outgoing governor.

So why not call in?

Watch the video of the call. Seems legit to me.

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Sony CANCELS Release Of "The Interview!"

Madonna is not a happy camper! A 13-track album of her new music has reportedly leaked onto the web. The release could be the entirety of Madonna's unannounced thirteenth studio album! Madonna's camp has dealt with a bunch of unauthorized leaks in the past few weeks and her manager is asking the public for help! They want to find out whose responsible for the leak! Madonna got on Instagram and said the leaked songs are "unfinished demos stolen long ago and not ready to be presented to the world." She thanked fans for their "loyalty" in "not listening" to the unfinished music and called what happened "artistic rape" and "a form of terrorism." That's gotta suck to be an artist and have that happen!

Huge news this morning, I mean this is a big deal! After Sony Pictures was getting threats by hackers to blow up movie theaters if "The Interview" was released, the studio has officially stopped their release plans! Sony pretty much had no choice after the major theater chains announced yesterday that they would not show the film. Here's some of Sony's statement, "We respect and understand our partners' decision and, of course, completely share their paramount interest in the safety of employees and theater-goers. Sony Pictures has been the victim of an unprecedented criminal assault against our employees, our customers, and our business. Those who attacked us stole our intellectual property, private emails, and sensitive and proprietary material, and sought to destroy our spirit and our morale – all apparently to thwart the release of a movie they did not like. We are deeply saddened at this brazen effort to suppress the distribution of a movie, and in the process do damage to our company, our employees, and the American public. We stand by our filmmakers and their right to free expression and are extremely disappointed by this outcome." Horrible that they can't share their creation, I don't think it's ever going to be released!

AH, KELLY CLARKSON! We can be getting new music from her on January 5th, the first week of the new year! People are reported that Kelly Clarkson's new single will not only come out that week, but it's being described as "pure pop." Would you expect anything less from her? But there's been no confirmation from Kelly Clarkson's camp yet, so don't get TOO EXCITED. Who am I kidding? I totally am!

Aretha Franklin has given Taylor Swift her seal of approval! She thinks that Taylor Swift will earn a place in music's hall of fame in the future, saying, "I'm a big fan of Taylor. I really do enjoy her and her music." She's even been blasting Taylor Swift's hit single, "Shake It Off" for weeks. Now coming from someone who has won 18 Grammy Awards in her decades-long career, I would take that as a compliment!

It feels good to beat Adam Levine! Just ask Blake Shelton! During a press conference after "The Voice's" seventh season finale, Blake Shelton couldn't hold back his excitement that his team member won this season! When he was asked what it felt like to beat Adam Levine, Blake Shelton said, "It was "f--king awesome! Listen, I don't care if it's politically incorrect. I don't give a crap at this point because we went into this thing with the odds stacked against us. And I'm not talking about to beat Adam, it's just awesome to know that so many people connected with this guy with the odds against him to win this competition...This was mission impossible and Craig did it." But Blake Shelton did have this to say about Adam Levine, "He may quit the show before I'm done rubbing it in his face!" HAHAHAHA! Poor Adam Levine!

He's going to make it official this weekend! Sir Elton John and his partner David Furnish are set to say "I do" this weekend! His rep is confirming it! They've been in a civil partnership since 2005 and have been together for 21 years! They are going to get married in England now that same-sex marriage has been legalized there. Elton John has talked about his wedding plans in the past, saying that it will probably be very low key and at a register office in England. Oh, and they will have their kids there! How cute! Early congratulations to Elton John!

Ariana Grande is not a diva! Everyone's been talking about it and even celebrities like Iggy Azalea tried to squash the rumor. But now everyone is saying that Ariana Grande is such a diva, that she DEMANDS to be carried around everywhere! Seriously! So now her boyfriend Big Sean is speaking up, saying, "That don't even sound logical… She don't get carried. I remember I was with her one time and she got carried but it was 'cause her foot was bleeding. She busted her foot, like, you know, dancing and stuff. That's ridiculous. That's ridiculous." Hmmm…
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In Case You Missed It: Watch Michelle & Ron Pay It Forward!

Here I am sticking my head into someone's car! All for good reasons of course!

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