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Posts from February 2016

things you need to know

Kroger wants to buy Fresh Market. The grocery business is crazy and very competitive.

Parkside Project: getting green lights at Shelby Farms- 1200 apartments- 21 buildings all on the backside of the park but with panoramic views of Shelby Farms

Whiskey Wine and Chocolates tonight
at Botanic gardens. sound fun.

Presidents day Monday. Lot of folks off work.
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This Dog Is A Better Fisherman Than Half The People On The Planet!

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Guess Whose Opening The Grammys...

The 58th Annual Grammy Awards has just announced a big rumor that has been going around. Yes, it's true! Taylor Swift will be the opening act for the Grammys! The seven-time nominee will open the show Monday night with a song from her Grammy-nominated album, 1989. This will be Taylor Swift's second time opening the Grammys. A big honor! So excited to see her, Adele, Ellie Goulding, John Legend, Meghan Trainor, The Weeknd and Lady Gaga perform! That's just the beginning!

Lamar Odom hasn't been seen out in public since his near-fatal drug overdose four months ago until yesterday! He made his firt public appearance by attending Kanye West's Yeezy Season 3 show in New York City. Lamar Odom wasn't alone either. He walked side-by-side with Kanye West, who personally invited him to the event and escorted him to his seat. Lamar Odom also flew to the event with his still wife Khloe Kardashian and sat with the whole family as she continues to support him during his recovery. Lamar Odom looked healthy and happy as he walked inside! You would never believe that he pretty much was on his death bed four months ago! It's a miracle!

When it comes to the new Fifty Shades Darker movie coming out next year, Dakota Johnson knows what the fans want and she wants it too! Dakota Johnson revealed that she wouldn't mind if her costar Jamie Dornan got completely naked on screen in the upcoming sequel. I think all the ladies would like that! After all, it is that kind of movie!

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani may be a big time celebrity couple, but they like keeping it low key! Apparently their favorite thing to do is take a lot of trips to Blake Shelton's home in Oklahoma. What they love about going to Oklahoma is that it's an easy place to live the simple life. The area where Blake Shelton lives is very rustic, wooded and picturesque, and surrounded by multiple bodies of water. Also, when Blake Shelton comes home no one bothers him and he can be himself. Sounds like the perfect getaway!

Obsessed with Oprah? Maybe you'd love to own some of her stuff? Well soon you'll be able to buy some of "Oprah's Favorite Things" straight out of her closet. Oprah Winfrey is auctioning off around 200 articles of her own clothing and 20 pairs of her shoes. The eBay auction launches on March 1st. Oprah admitted that certain items were certainly easier to get rid of than others since her style has changed over the years. One person's trash is another person's treasure!

Katy Perry is sharing her thoughts of the Super Bowl halftime show put on by Coldplay! She said, "I thought it was cool. I always knew they were going to do a bit of a retrospective and bring back some artists that had done it in the past. I know how intense it is to do the Super Bowl and how much it takes. There are a lot of restrictions." As for Beyonce bringing the controversy, Katy Perry is all about it. She said, "I think our world is becoming more transparent, and I encourage it. We need the transparency more than ever." Also, don't expect her to be at the Grammys Monday. Katy Perry has been working nonstop that she plans on enjoying the show in her pajamas, "eating matzo ball soup." As for who she's rooting for, she said, "The Weeknd has come a long way, especially since the very beginning when he put out all those records himself." We'll see on Monday if he pulls out a win!

Oh man! Kanye West is going there! You'd think he'd learn his lesson by now. Nope! Kanye West just debuted his Yeezy 3 collection at Madison Square Garden in NYC and played songs from his new album. On one song he definitely took shots at Taylor Swift! He rapped that he is the reason that Taylor Swift is famous and that he MADE her! Uh, that's pretty crazy, and pretty uncalled her. The best part is that Taylor Swifts close friends were sitting in the row in front of the Kardashian/Jenner clan. Awkward!
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Can We Get Betty White to Review Every Movie From Now On????

This is the best thing I've seen in a long time.

Betty White - yes, we can call her #NationalTreasure - sat down in an empty movie theater to give her own personal review of Deadpool.

The Ryan Reynolds comic book sorta-superhero flick opens today in a theater near you.

But Betty got a sneak preview - because, after all, she's Betty White! - and took the time to let us all know what she thought.

If someone doesn't grab this idea and turn it into a regular web feature, we will all lose out!

Betty White's Review of Deadpool

I love Ryan Reynolds…here are a few of my thoughts about his new movie #Deadpool.

Posted by Betty White on Thursday, February 11, 2016

And just in case you haven't seen the trailers for the movie - hey, it could happen - here's one of them.  

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Are You Ready to Be a Martian?

The folks at NASA are now accepting applications.

They're looking for new astronauts - the first new class in about four years.


You need a sense of adventure, certainly, and the ability to spend long amounts of time in cramped conditions.

You also need a bachelor's degree in math, science or engineering, plus some sort of experience or a military background.

They're looking for a dozen or so new astronauts, and they've already had over 6000 on-line applications.

Don't let that scare you away.

If you think you've got the right stuff, let NASA know.

Take that bold step!

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Wait a Minute... Is this Leogate?

Harvey Weinstein, a big Hollywood producer and a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, made a statement on Wednesday that's causing a bit of a stir in the film community.

He and Leonardo DiCaprio were together at a function in New York, and Harvey made a speech that included this tidbit:
"As an Academy member, you're not supposed to endorse anyone up for an Academy Award, but I have to say Leo DiCaprio is so amazing in The RevenantHis devoztion and the way he rolls it all up into something beautiful is amazing. I've never worked with anyone who's so wonderful and so classy."

Nice words, but as a member of the Academy, he's not supposed to say anything that could be seen as an endorsement.

And even with his disclaimer at the start of the statement, how can you not see this as him saying he wants Leo to win an Oscar for Best Actor?

Let's see if this controversy gets any bigger.

Meanwhile, in case you haven't seen the movie, here's what all the buzz is about...  

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Just Saying the Name Hurts

The folks at Levi's have a new style of jean ready for you to try on.

It's called the Wedgie.

Hurts just thinking about it, doesn't it?

According to the official word, Wedgies will hug your waist, your hips and your butt and make all of the above look wonderful.

They say you should not be conjuring up images of someone yanking your underwear up in a quick and painful manner.

I would suggest to the marketers that maybe they should experience a wedgie before they give its name to an item of apparel.
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Slip Sliding Away the Super Bowl Way

If you watched the Snoozer Bowl on Sunday, you know there were a lot of complaints about the condition of the field at Levi's Stadium.

You wouldn't expect issues, since the weather conditions were near perfect for football.

Still, a lot of players had to change cleats in the middle of the game due to footing concerns.

This little vine got posted on Wednesday by a guy who covers the Carolina Panthers, showing Michael Oher on the offensive line getting pushed back by a defender like he was on ice skates.

Watch the Vine - Oher's the guy in the bottom left of the screen, getting pushed in Cam Newton's direction.

It's pretty funny - and makes you wonder if the field had been sprayed down with WD-40 or something...
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Protecting Han Solo

Britain's Health and Safety Executive - the equivalent of OSHA in the United States - announced yesterday that they're suing the production company behind Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

You may remember that Harrison Ford broke his leg in June, 2014 when a hydraulic door closed the wrong way on the set of the Millennium Falcon.

The HSE believes that the production company didn't take reasonable steps to protect its workers.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out - English bureaucracy versus the megalopoly known as Disney.

Meanwhile, who do we see about what Kylo Ren did to Han Solo? Huh? Who's going to take care of that?
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Celebrities Do A Serious Read Of Justin Bieber's Song!

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