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This Raccoon Stealing A Donut Is The Best Thing You'll See All Day!

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Bill Cosby Goes To Jail

Caitlyn Jenner has settled one of three lawsuits that she’s involved with after that fatal car crash she was involved in almost a year ago. This one was filed by the Prius driver involved in the accident. The woman has settled her suit for personal injury and property damage. Caitlyn Jenner's insurance company paid the settlement and she didn't have to pay for anything. The two other lawsuits are still going on.

Bill Cosby had a bad day yesterday. He was charged with aggravated indecent assault. The charges came from Andrea Constand, a former Temple University employee, who claims that in 2004 Bill Cosby assaulted her while she was working. The charges were based on new evidence. An arrest warrant was issued and Bill Cosby went to jail and had to hand over his passport. But he posted bail, which was set at one million dollars. A preliminary hearing was set for January 14 and if Bill Cosby is convicted, he faces up to 10 years in prison.
In 1999, the prequels for Star Wars started to come out. A lot of people weren’t fans of the movies, but maybe they would have been if this happened. Leonardo DiCaprio could have played the role of Anakin Skywalker, the chosen one who would become Darth Vader! George Lucas asked if he was interested but Leonardo DiCaprio passed. Why? He didn’t want to play the role because he didn’t think that he was ready for anything that big! He didn’t feel “ready.” Ready? He’s Leonardo DiCaprio! He’s a superstar and could have saved those movies! Oh well! Everything happens for a reason.
It's been a scary couple of days for Robert Kardashian. He was rushed to the hospital after getting sick over the weekend and then found out he had diabetes. Well now Robert Kardashian is back at home and is feeling a lot better. His friends are just worried that this is a lot more than diabetes and that he’s fallen off the deep end. Robert Kardashian keeps himself locked up in his room a lot and no one know what he’s really doing. They are hoping this really will be a big wakeup call for him.

Speaking of the Kardashian clan, could they be making things official? Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles were rumored to be dating each other a while ago and now they were caught spending time together again! Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles are vacationing together on the British Island of Anguilla in the Eastern Caribbean. They were spotted grabbing a bite to eat at a restaurant. Sounds like a couple’s vacation to me!
I wish I could have this life! Kim Kardashian’s daughter North West was spotted out and about wearing Converse sneakers, jeans, a pink sweatshirt, a matching pink hat, and a fur coat that has an estimated cost about $3,500! Kim Kardashian shared a picture of her daughter wearing it on Twitter and Instagram sucking on a lollipop and wrote, “Swag.” Easy life!
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This Baby's First Time Tasting Bacon Is Amazing!

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Robert Kardashian Rushed To Hospital

Carrie Fisher wants people to stop talking about her appearance. There’s been a lot of debate on social media about whether or not she’s aged well over the years. A lot of people are saying she looks rough while others are saying she looks great. Carrie Fisher herself finally got involved and tweeted, “Please stop debating about whether or not I aged well. Unfortunately it hurts all three of my feelings. My body hasn’t aged as well as I have.” I don’t know what she means by all three of her feelings but hey, words hurt! She was pressured to lose over 35 pounds just to reprise her role of Princess Leia!

Robert Kardashian has been out of the spotlight lately due to his depression and weight gain, but he couldn’t hide this. Robert Kardashian was rushed to the hospital after he wasn’t feeling well over the weekend and his condition got worse. His family got scared and took him to the hospital. He was then diagnosed with diabetes. This was all news to Rob Kardashian because he had no clue that he was a diabetic. Doctors stabilized him and I’m hearing that this is a big wake up call for him to start being healthy. The last time Robert Kardashian was spotted out in public was at an In-N-Out Burger Joint in June.

Jeremy Renner is officially divorced, but it’s going to cost him. His divorce battle with his now ex-wife ended with him having to sharing custody of their 2-year-old daughter Ava and paying his ex-wife $13,000 a month in child support! It gets worse. If Jeremy Renner makes more than $2.3 million a year, he has to pay 5 percent more. I think that’s so awful! His ex-wife won’t get spousal support because she signed a prenuptial agreement. At least he was smart and protected himself there!
Patrick Dempsey is headed to the courthouse today! He’s filing a lawsuit against a sports clothing company that didn’t pay him! Patrick Dempsey is claiming that he cut a deal with GBG Spyder, which makes active outdoor wear and performance gear. He did personal appearances and even slapped the Spyder logo on his racecars but only got $270,000 before the company stopped paying him! Patrick Dempsey says he was supposed to get a $1.9 million package, so he's suing for almost $1.5 million. Pay up!

Has Miranda Lambert moved on from Blake Shelton now?! I’m hearing that she’s dating country singer Anderson East and that she’s doing better than ever! Maybe that’s why Miranda Lambert followed Gwen Stefani on Twitter yesterday. She’s over Blake Shelton! It's still all pretty new but how exciting! They have a lot of things in common like their sense of humor and of course their love for music. She deserves to be happy! Yay!
Congratulations to Kanye West. I’m curious if you agree with this one but the votes are in! Kanye West is the proud winner of GQ magazine's Most Stylish Man of 2015 for the second year in a row! He beat out a model named Lucky Blue Smith. He had help though. The magazine explained that even though both fan bases came out to help their celeb win, "in the final moments of this year's showdown, tweets from Kim, Kourtney, Khloe Kardashian and even Kris Jenner spiked the number of votes cast in West's direction." Of course they did! The final tally: 520,119 votes for Kanye, 445,073 for Lucky Blue.
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What A Talented Kid!

How can he do both of these things at once?

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Jennifer Garner And Ben Affleck Still Living Together

Justin Bieber, are your people up to no good? San Francisco is on the hunt for the person who graffitied a sidewalk to promote Justin Bieber’s new album and they want his record label to figure out who did it! City Attorney Dennis Herrera fired off a letter to Universal Music Group claiming that the Justin Bieber graffiti won't come off and now the Public Works crews have been called in to remove it and that doesn't come cheap. Who says it can’t just be a fan that wrote it on the street? It may not even be someone on Justin Bieber’s payroll! Poor guy can’t catch a break!
It looks like Josh Duggar wasn’t alone for Christmas. We really haven’t heard much about him since he entered rehab for his recent cheating scandal. Well according to my sources, the Duggar's personal plane flown by John David Duggar landed at the Rockford, Illinois airport on Christmas Eve just after 8:00 p.m. That is where Josh Duggar's rehab is located. There was tight security surrounding the people on the plane and they wouldn't reveal whether or not it was the Duggars on board. People are saying that it was though and that the family was so worried about secrecy that they even hired an unmarked white van to pick them up! Makes a lot of sense!

Mark Hamill is looking out for his Star Wars fan! Luke Skywalker wants to make sure that he uses his powers to help innocent fans from wasting their money on merchandise and collectibles that aren’t real. Mark Hamill is warning them on Twitter and encouraging people to double check before buying anything without confirming that it’s real, especially things that he signed. He did this by spending a few days looking through people’s photos to check and see whether or not they’ve been tricked. Now this way they can remember and recognize his signature! Mark Hamill tweeted, “Memorize this REAL signature and you can start spotting the phonies yourself! #BeatTheDealers…  Would love to save fan's hard earned $ from crooks' greed.” Let the force be with us to see the truth!
Six months after Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck announced they were getting a divorce, they are still living together! Ben Affleck is staying in a guesthouse on the family's property. Even though they are friendly, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are discovering that living with an ex can be challenging and annoying. It's a strange situation to live together when you aren’t actually together. Can you blame them? It’s great though that they are trying to put aside their differences to do what's best for their three children!
Is this a mistake or is she keeping tabs? Gwen Stefani has a new Twitter follower… her current boyfriend’s ex-wife Miranda Lambert! Gwen Stefani has been tweeting a lot about Blake Shelton so maybe Miranda Lambert hit the follow button to make it easy to follow along with what her ex is up to. Or maybe in a weird world they’re all friends. After all, Gwen Stefani still follows her ex-husband Gavin Rossdale and he follows her. Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton still follow each other as well. It’s all so hard to keep up with!
When Sarah McLachlan’s commercials for the ASPCA come on do you find yourself having to change the channel? You’re not alone! Even Sarah McLachlan herself can't watch them, and she's the spokesperson! She said, "I can't watch them. It just kills me." Despite us wanting to change the channel though, those commercials have raised an incredible amount of money, like 30 million dollars. So no harm done and the commercial is effective! That’s something we all can agree with!
Here’s a way to analyze how spoiled someone is. Apparently Kanye West surprised his wife Kim Kardashian with 150 presents for Christmas! The wrapped gifts were shown by Kim Kardashian herself on her website. Among the gifts were a rainbow-hued fur coat, a Louis Vuitton dress and a Prada jumpsuit. Kanye West sent his assistant to Italy and shopped via Skype. It must be nice to be rich! 
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A Christmas Miracle! Dog Found After 6 Years Missing!

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Katy Perry Grants A Christmas Wish!

Goodbye Josh Elliot! The former 'Good Morning America' co-anchor who was considered a major hire in spring 2014 with NBC for a sports job is leaving the network after less than two years. He said, "I'm grateful for the chance to work with the remarkable team at NBC Sports, and appreciate their support as I look forward to what's next." Apparently it was a mutual decision to part ways and no one knows what Josh Elliot’s next move will be. The rumor is he may be going to Fox Sports! Good luck!
Katy Perry granted some Christmas wishes! A little girl named Safyre Terry lost family members in a horrible arson fire that left her severely burned and caused her to loose a hand a foot. She had one Christmas wish – to get a card from Katy Perry. Well, turns out Katy Perry heard about her story! She sent Safyre a package that was opened the day after Christmas, and it was filled with lots of fun stuff, like a hoodie with ear that had a backpack attached, a DVD of Katy's Prismatic world tour, Katy's movie "Part of Me," an iPhone 6 case that lights up and a kitty cat black purse. There was a card attached that read, "Safyre, I heard about your Christmas wish and am so honored that you saved the top of the tree for me!  I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year.  I'll be thinking of you on Christmas day.  Special girl." Pretty cool of Katy Perry!

Everyone is talking about Kylie Jenner today after she posted a picture on Instagram over the weekend showing off her dog Norman and a big fat diamond ring on her finger. So is she engaged? Kylie Jenner slammed the rumors on her website saying, “No, I’m not engaged.” Kyle Jenner confirmed that the ring was a Christmas gift from her boyfriend Tyga and nothing more! Who knows, maybe it’s a promise ring!
Khloe Kardashian is still continuing her commitment to getting Lamar Odom healthy. She was spotted visiting Lamar Odom the day after Christmas at Cedars Sinai hospital, where the former NBA star has been laid up for months after his OD. It's interesting ... Khloe had her divorce proceedings dismissed, yet everything we hear is that she is not trying to resurrect the relationship ... she just wants to help him.

Justin Timberlake is all about family this season! He shared a an adorable picture of himself giving his baby boy Silas a big kiss on the cheek on Instagram on Christmas Day! He wrote, “This life… Truly the GREATEST gift ever. Hoping you are spending time with the ones your cherish and remembering that we are ALL family Sending love from ours to yours. Merry Christmas, everyone!! J and J and S.” In the photo, Silas’ little hands can be seen grabbing at his dad’s shirt. HOW CUTE! 


This is pretty funny! Matt Damon has been in a lot of movies where he needs to be saved. Interstellar, The Martian, Saving Private Ryan… and someone took the time to estimate the financial worth of saving his life. That estimate came out to $900 billion. That includes real and fictional money, counting both the production costs of movies and the costs of the in-universe plans to save him. However, those films have grossed $2.7 billion, so it looks like saving Matt Damon paid off!
Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are getting even more serious after a month and a half of dating, because they are taking their relationship to the sports level! On Sunday they went to a Green Bay Packers and Arizona Cardinals NFL game at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani cheered for the home team. Blake Shelton wore a Cardinals sweatshirt and Gwen Stefani wore a camouflage Cardinals baseball cap and posed for a selfie for the team's official Twitter page.

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I Love Watching Dominoes Fall!

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Watch The Teaser Trailer For Fuller House!

OMG, this would be the most amazing thing ever and I hope it’s true! According to diehard Friends fans, Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry were recently spotted out on a lunch date looking like they were much more than friends! That’s right, Monica and Chandler may very well be dating in real life! Maybe Courteney Cox is leaning on Matthew Perry for support following her split from her fiancé earlier this month! After being friends for ten years, they would make a perfect couple! They know each other probably better than anyone else!

It’s been a rocky year but now E!’s celebrity fashion critique show Fashion Police has found a new co-host and that would be Margaret Cho! They made the announcement yesterday that Margaret Cho would be a special co-host for 2016 to comment on red carpet fashion. She’ll be joining Giuliana Rancic, Melissa Rivers, and Brad Goresk after guest hosting on the show in the past. Looks like picking her to join the show made sense. Margaret Cho’s first show as co-host will be for Golden Globes red-carpet fashion coverage on January 11th. Let’s see how she does!

This is insane and impressive! Star Wars: The Force Awakens is breaking more records and this was before the movie even came out! Fandango says that the film has broken the company’s record for the most tickets sold by any title during its entire theatrical run! The record was broken during pre-sales! So Star Wars is Fandango’s top-selling movie of all time before it even hit theaters! On top of that, continues to report that 93% of all its tickets sales in the last 24 hours are for Force Awakens. 60% of people will see it in 2D, 23% in 3D and close to 17% will go to Imax screenings. Fandango sales beat the total tickets ever sold for Jurassic World (the company’s previous title holder), The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Avengers: Age of Ultron and The Hunger Games. This movie is a cultural phenomenon!

This is giving me all the feels right now! Netflix revealed a premiere date for Fuller House by releasing their first teaser trailer for the series! In the trailer, you see a baby version of their old dog Comet barking in the old house we know and love as the old family members get ready to enter the house.

Uh oh! Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli was arrested for allegedly evading taxes on millions of dollars of income by lying about where she lived! Leonardo DiCaprio’s ex-girlfriend, whose worth around $20 million, is also rumored to be getting more than $257,000 in celebrity perks like luxury apartments and cars that she never reported. To avoid paying taxes, Bar Refaeli and her mom claimed to an accountant that she lived outside of the country but that wasn’t true. So she and her mother were arrested and then released on $193,000 bail. They also had to hand over their passports, they can’t leave Israel without permission for 180 days and Bar Refaeli must pay a $64,000 bond before leaving the country. Don’t lie! The government will catch you!
This is pretty cool of Donny and Marie Osmond! They are giving Star Wars fans the ultimate Christmas present by renting out an entire theater in Texas and giving away tickets through social media to anyone who wants to attend the private screening of Star Wars with them and their band today! The Osmond's have a special place in Star Wars history. The original characters from the 1977 film made their television debut on their show Donny and Marie! They were there from the beginning!
I was worried this was going to happen! Adele fans are very angry about her new tour and it’s going viral on social media! Angry fans ran to Twitter to voice their frustrations about not being able to get tickets to her North American tour next year! Tickets went on sale yesterday and quickly sold out. Now they are being sold for thousands of dollars on websites like The hashtag “#AdeleTickets” began trending on Twitter because fans were left waiting in line, experiencing technical difficulties and checking StubHub. Fans were quick to use Adele’s music to make light of the situation, posting memes of her face with the wording “I must have called a thousand times.” Priceless!
This is getting out of hand! Justin Bieber is apparently feeling pretty good about dating Kourtney Kardashian. So good that it has given him a huge ego boost. Also, he loves that Kourtney Kardashian is a beautiful mother with a career! Justin Bieber doesn’t care if she’s using him to get back at her ex, Scott Disick. Maybe she is exactly what he needs in his life right now!

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