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Aww! Watch This Dog Tuck A Baby In For Bed!

I couldn't believe my eyes!
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Unintentional Photo Bomb

Kim Kardashian must have been having an off day.

There was a camera pointed her way, and she didn't manage to strike a pose.

Instead, it sort of looks like she's picking her toes Or perhaps grabbing for her pocketbook.

Kanye, on the other side, looks so very Kanye-ish. And ironically, he's the one showing sideboob in this picture, not his wife.

Go figure...
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Behind the Times?

President Obama sat down last week to talk with David Simon, the creator of The Wire, the critically-acclaimed TV show.

The idea was to discuss what Simon observed about crime in the inner city that drove him to create the show.

The guy's a former cop, so it's probably a valuable chat.

But those observations are over a dozen years old. The Wire ran between 2002 and 2008.

Relevant? Or just an opportunity for the First Fan to talk to the guy who created one of his favorite shows?

What do you think?

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Wait a Minute, What?

Furious 7 - the seventh installment in the Fast & Furious franchise - is set to open up in theaters in a couple of weeks.

The hype for it has been huge.

Naturally, everyone thinks the "7" in the title refers to it being the "seventh" film.


Wrong. According to the director, James Wan, says he wanted to actually spell out the "seven" in the title, as an homage to Seven Samurai.

It's about seven warriors, I guess, and not about counting how many films there've been.

Who knew?

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Arnold's Human Side

Arnold Schwarzenegger has a new movie coming out called Maggie.

It's a zombie flick, but more than that.

The advance buzz on it is pretty good, and no one seems happier about it than Arnold himself.

Check out the post to his Facebook page late last week...

I'm really proud of my new film, Maggie. This is the most human zombie film you’ve ever seen, and it’s the most human...

Posted by Arnold Schwarzenegger on Wednesday, March 25, 2015
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What is Wrong with People?

A meteorologist on Global News News Hour Plus in Canada took to the airwaves last Thursday to discuss a hate letter.

Kristi Gordon is pregnant, and got a nastygram about the way she looks on the news.

Calling her "gross," the viewer wrote further: “Your front end looks like the Hindenburg and your rear-end looks like a brick sh—house. We now turn off Global."

Actually, she's gotten a few, and she decided to talk about it on the air with the news co-anchors.

The male anchor didn't think they should give the letter any attention. "Haters gonna hate," he said, "as some rapper may have said."

The female anchor corrected him immediately, which is the funniest put-down I've seen in a long while.

Check out the whole thing... Sparks some interesting discussion.

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And This is Why I Don't Go on Rollercoasters...

Opening day for the Coney Island Cyclone, one of the world's most historic wooden rollercoasters, didn't go so well for the first riders of the season.

At the top of its first hill, just before the first drop, the coaster stopped dead in its tracks.

Riders were stranded, and had to be walked down by emergency personnel.

Like rollercoasters aren't already scary enough, now this happens?

But what do you want to bet that most of them will climb back aboard as soon as the ride's running again?

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Ed Sheeran Surprises A Couple At Their Wedding!

I used to think that Shailene Woodley was a normal person. Maybe not so much anymore. She told Nylon Magazine that she's a big fan of bugs, and loves to eat them! In fact, Shailene Woodley believes it's the next big food trend. She said, "I've eaten ants and that was great. And June bugs, that was great. I think the future of food is in insects, so we'll see what happens." WEIRD!

Get ready for some good SNL! That's because Michael Keaton is coming back to Saturday Night Live for the third time as host on April 4th with Carly Rae Jepsen as musical guest in her SNL debut! Also, on April 11th, Mumford & Sons will be coming back as a musical guest for their second time! Something tells me that this is just a warm-up and it's going to keep getting better from here!

Could this just be a casual run to Whole Foods or is there more to it? Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris were spotted grocery shopping together in Nashville! They were photographed talking to a fan while leaving the store, and they were even wearing matching outfits! I'm hearing that Taylor Swift is in Nashville for tour rehearsals and that Calvin Harris went to visit her. Sounds suspicious to me! I say new couple alert!

When Zayn Malik quit One Direction, he wasn't just walking away from his bandmates. He's also walking away from that MONEY! To be precise, he's leaving a multimillion-dollar payday behind! The guys of One Direction played about 70 shows in the past 12 months, and that would probably put them on track to meet if not exceed $75 million dollars for the next year. That's pre-tax and before agents and managers take their cuts. Then divide it between the five of them. But, still! I wouldn't want to walk away from that!

Joan Rivers never held back from telling the truth, and that was the case when it came to who she didn't like. The late Joan Rivers always admitted that she wasn't a fan of Ben Stiller, but he's saying that he never understood why she didn't like him! Well, during an interview with Howard Stern, they dropped the bomb on Ben Stiller that it was because he ignored Joan Rivers on a red carpet! Howard Stern said, "She'd say, 'Howard, I'm friends with Ben's mother. And Ben should say hello to me' ... she was really ticked that you wouldn't say hello to her." Ben Stiller's response… "Oh, is that what it is?... See, this makes it all clear to me now. I don't remember that happening, but I'm sure it did." Ben Stiller then told Howard Stern he wished they'd had a chance to make amends before her death. I'm sure she's looking down laughing at the whole think!

They couldn't hide this from us for too long! Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart are officially back together! We can pretty much consider this a fact because they were caught kissing in public. Casper Smart stopped by "American Idol" this week and the two kissed out in the open for everyone to see. They broke up last April after two and a half years of dating. Maybe they can make it work the second time around!

This is sad news for Ed Sheeran, but happy news for us since he's coming to Beale Street Music Festival! Ed Sheeran is officially a single man! During an interview he was asked about his romantic life, and Ed Sheeran said that he was in a relationship for a long time, over a year. He was then asked if he wanted to be single, and Ed Sheeran had nothing to say but, "Um. That's interesting. That's the first time I've spoken about that." Awkward! Sounds like someone got their heart broken! I know plenty of women that will want to fix it for you!

Also, Ed Sheeran wins the award of the day for being awesome! He surprised this couple at their wedding! Watch it below!

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This Weatherman Recovers Well!

I would have been like, "SAY WHAT?"

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Now Playing, Sauce Castillo!

The people who do closed captioning for sporting events have a rough job.

Hear it and type it, hear it and type it.

They do their best to get it right, but sometimes, they're blunders are epic.

Take this one. Nik Stauskas is a guard for the Sacramento Kings in the NBA.

Except according to the closed-caption operator the other night, his name is actually SAUCE CASTILLO.

It could easily have been one of those things no one noticed, but someone did, and now it's Nik's new name.

Check out the video on the Kings' website. And check out what Nik had to say about it on Twitter, where the name has gone a little viral...
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