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The Top 7 things that make a woman feel loved

The list is pretty good. And I agree with all of them.

1) cooking for her
2) giving her a compliment
3) doing the dishes
4) offering to get the groceries
5) buying her a random gift
6)surprise weekend getaway
7) carrying her bags

also: forgiving his crazy

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Josh Duggar Enters Rehab

I don't think anything can save him now but Josh Duggar has checked into rehab following his cheating confession and Ashley Madison scandal. The Duggar family made the announcement in a statement on their website, saying, "As parents we are so deeply grieved by our son's decisions and actions. His wrong choices have deeply hurt his precious wife and children and have negatively affected so many others. He has also brought great insult to the values and faith we hold dear. Yesterday Josh checked himself into a long-term treatment center. For him it will be a long journey toward wholeness and recovery. We pray that in this he comes to complete repentance and sincere change." As for his wife Anna Duggar, they had something to say about that too, writing that she is getting counseling and "help for her own heart and future." That's going to require a LOT of counseling.

This makes me want to run back to the movie theater! It's officially confirmed that Vin Diesel will be back for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 as everyone's favorite space tree, GROOT! I'm sure Vin Diesel was excited about returning to that job. Afterall, the most he really says is, "I AM GROOT!" Imagine getting paid for THAT? Love it! Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 will hit theaters on May 5, 2017.

Yesterday we were talking about how Dancing With The Stars has some work to do for their lineup. Well, looks like they got to work. In addition to Bindi Irwin being confirmed, Paula Deen and former Backstreet Boy Nick Carter have officially joined the cast! Apparently Paula Deen was asked to join last year but couldn't because it wasn't a good time for her. Well, she WAS involved in a lot of scandal... Also, ET! is reporting that Andy Grammer and Chaka Khan are also in for next season, but DWTS won't confirm it! Now we just need an old *NSYNC cast member and we'll be good to go! I'd watch!

It's sad to hear that the story is going in this direction. Rosie O'Donnell's daughter Chelsea, who went missing on August 11th only to be found a short time later, has left home again! This time she went to her birth mother who gave her up for adoption in 1997. Chelsea's mother picked her up and she's currently staying at her house. Rosie O'Donnell advised Chelsea NOT to go, but she went anyway. Rosie O'Donnell has also cut off Chelsea financially and has refused to turn over her birth certificate and social security card. Not good.

This is a dream come true! Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer are coming together to co-write a screenplay for a movie! Here's the best part, they also plan to costar in it together. Jennifer Lawrence spilled the beans, saying, "We play sisters. We're almost done writing. It just flowed out of us. We've got about 100 pages right now." Jennifer Lawrence emailed Amy Schumer after she saw her movie Trainwreck and told her she was in love with her. Emailing turned into texting, texting turned into a friendship, and now friendship turned into making money together!
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Wedding Bouquet Toss = Baby Toss

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Ashley Madison, the TV Show?

One of the biggest data breaches going these days is the one involving AshleyMadison.com.

That's the site where you can sign up and arrange an extra-marital affair if you're so inclined.

Like they say, "Life is short. Have an affair."

Now, a team of Hollywood producers has revealed they're working on a fictionalized show based on the website, about a single mom who launches the site as a way to make ends meet.

Why now and why this, you wonder? “Anytime 30 million people are doing anything, it becomes worthy of a real discussion,” one of the producers told US Weekly.

So, let's see if this ever makes it to air. The show is tentatively titled Thank You Ashley Madison.

Meanwhile, the folks at Entertainment Tonight talked about what the breached data shows about the least- and most-faithful states in the USA.

You might be surprised! 
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Les Miserables = Less Miserable

You don't have to be a fan of Les Miserables - either the Broadway show or the movie - to appreciate this flash mob.

The West Des Moines School District (in Iowa, of course) was holding its district-wide welcome to school meeting for teachers.

And to put a little zest into the day, some teachers put together a teaching-oriented parody of one of the show's biggest ensemble pieces, "One Day More."

At first, no one knew what was happening. But as more and more teachers stood up to sing their parts and join the others on stage, the rest of the audience really got into it.

When it was done - and done quite well - the performers earned a standing ovation.

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Space Oddity in Space

File this in your #TBT drawer: it's a video from a couple of years ago. I missed it, maybe you did too.

Astronaut Chris Hadfield pulled a tour aboard the International Space Station in 2013.

He was known as being media-savvy, steadily tweeting and doing other entertaining things.

Like this little gem: performing David Bowie's "Space Oddity" in space.

He tweaked the lyrics a bit - since space travel has changed a bit since Bowie recorded the song in 1969.

The floating guitar and the floating singer really make this work.

And Chris has a pretty decent voice.

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The End of SuM&Mer

I'm not in any hurry to get to fall, but apparently, the M&M people are.

They just announced their newest flavor, and it has "fall" written all over it.

New Pumpkin Spice Latte M&Ms, featuring the brown M&M on the packages wearing a scarf and holding a cup of latte.

I'm sorry, it's too early.

Take them back, M&M people!

Just another month. That's all I ask. One. More. Month!

Meanwhile,watch this hilariously awkward amateur food-tasting review about the new M&Ms posted to YouTube at the beginning of the week...

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"Oh, I WILL Take This on the Plane"

Some people are silly, I guess.

Like this woman who tried to get on board a flight at Beijing Capital International Airport with a $200 bottle of Remy Martin XO Excellence cognac.

When the airport security folks told her she'd have to leave it behind, she did what any logical human would do

She drank the entire bottle.

And got so drunk - fall-down drunk, in fact - that she wasn't allowed to board the fight.

I guess she showed them, huh?
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"See a Bus, Don't Move"

Deva Dalparto runs a web and YouTube site called MyLifeSuckers.com, dedicated to the moms of the world.

But you don't have to be a mom, or even a parent, to enjoy the videos and blogs she posts.

Her latest - just in time for Back to School Season - is "Bus, Don't Move," a parody of the 80s hit, "Bust a Move."

It's pretty funny, and it also carries an important safety message to motorists: when you see a school bus, don't move.

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It's the best selling car of all time!

Since 1966 the Toyota Corolla has sold 40 million cars. Big fat wow!

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