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Posts from June 2015

When You're Bald, Why Not Give Yourself A Cotton Candy Head?

He seems like a bundle of fun!

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The Timberlakes Celebrate The Fact That Love Wins!

Donald Trump is not happy! NBC announced that it’s ending their business relationship with him, and Donald Trump isn’t leaving quietly! He released a statement through his office that said, "As of today, Donald J. Trump is no longer affiliated with NBC. Mr. Trump stands by his statements on illegal immigration, which are accurate. NBC is weak, and like everybody else is trying to be politically correct—that is why our country is in serious trouble." That not only means an end to the annual Miss USA and Miss Universe Pageants airing on NBC, but it also means that Donald Trump won’t be doing Celebrity Apprentice. Sad day.
Avril Lavigne is opening up on camera for the first time about her struggle with Lyme disease. She did an interview with Good Morning America and broke down in tears when she started talking about the problems she faced about getting a proper diagnosis. She said, "I was in Los Angeles, literally, like the worst time in my life and I was seeing, like, every specialist and literally, the top doctors, and they were so stupid, and they would pull up their computer and be like, "chronic fatigue syndrome," or "Why don't you try to get out of bed Avril, and just play the piano? Are you depressed? This is what they do to a lot of people who have Lyme disease. They don't have an answer for them so they tell them, like, 'You're crazy.'" Avril Lavigne has been taking antibiotics and is halfway through her treatment. She’s expected to make a 100 percent recovery after being bedridden for five months, not being able to eat, and not being able to talk or move.

Iggy Azalea did a collaboration with Britney Spears on the song “Pretty Girls” but it didn’t do too well. The song barely cracked the top 30 and has fallen off ever since. Well Iggy Azalea is giving us reasons why it failed, tweeting, “It’s difficult to send a song up the charts without additional promo and TV performances, etc. Unfortunately I’m just featured. I would have enjoyed performing it a lot, I think it got off to a powerful start. But you need content to compete in 2015.” Britney Spears fans didn’t take that well and felt that Iggy Azalea was blaming her for the song flopping. So Iggy Azalea felt the need to clarify that she wasn’t attacking anyone and that she and Britney Spears are good friends. Awkward!
The Fourth Of July just got better! Ed Sheeran joining the lineup for Macy's 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular! Other performers are Dierks Bentley, Kelly Clarkson, Brad Paisley, Flo Rida and Meghan Trainor. Now that’s a fun lineup! The Macy's 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular airs Saturday at 7 PM on NBC!

Katy Perry is fighting two elderly nuns! No this isn’t a joke! Katy Perry is trying to buy the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary convent in Los Angeles, and the nuns aren’t having it. Two of the five nuns, Sister Rita Callanan and Sister Catherine Rose, are saying that the convent is theirs but the other sisters sold the property to a restaurant owner when they apparently shouldn’t have because the Archbishop says it’s his property to sell… and hence the issues. It’s messy. Archbishop Jose Gomez has been busy negotiating the sale of the property to Katy Perry, who wants to pay $14.5 million in cash to make the property her home. She even visited the nuns to seal the deal. Just sell it and split it five ways!
Normally when you go to the bathroom, you just go in, do your business, and come out. Well if you’re Rihanna you walk into the bathroom and walk out with a new puppy! Rihanna was out at a club, went to the bathroom and found a tiny fluffy dog pawing around the bathroom alone. So Rihanna took the puppy home and named him Pepe! He’s certainly enjoying life now!
After the Supreme Court legalize same-sex marriage in every state, people around the world were so excited to see love win! Two of those people include Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel! They went to the wedding of one of Jessica Biel’s close friends over the weekend, her college roommate, Dana Panzer. The Timberlakes watched as Dana Panzer married her partner Amy Wicker, and Justin Timberlake gave the newlyweds a special wedding gift. He sang hit his “Señorita” at the reception along with a couple of other songs. Oh and baby Silas was left at home and apparently Jessica Biel looked amazingly slim and trim after just giving birth. JEALOUS!
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This Waitress Kicks Butt!

After this customer tried to stuff money down her shirt and then grabb her butt, this waitress reacts! He deserved it! You go girl!

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Kanye West Gets "Kanyed!"

This makes me so sad. Kate Hudson’s father Bill Hudson has become so estranged her from and her brother Oliver. Well now it’s worse. Bill Hudson slammed his ex-wife, Goldie Hawn, for cheating, and claims she’s the reason why his own children hate him. Bill Hudson says that Goldie Hawn alienated him from his kids because it made for a great story, especially when she started dating Kurt Russell. Wow. Bill Hudson is speaking out because on Father’s Day, Kate Hudson’s brother posted a picture of himself, Kate and their dad and titled it, “Happy Abandonment Day.” How painful!
Bristol Palin is speaking up again after she announced her second pregnancy out of wedlock and called it a huge disappointment. Now she’s writing, "I made a mistake, but it's not the mistake all these giddy a$$holes have loved to assume. This pregnancy was actually planned. Everyone knows I wanted more kids, to have a bigger family. Believing I was heading that way, I got ahead of myself. Things didn't go as planned, but life keeps going. Life moves on. "I do not regret this baby. This baby is not a disappointment, and I cannot wait to be a mom times two.” Well, there’s that!
It looks like even stars can’t resist the urge to take a selfie, and Ed Sheeran wins the selfie award for the weekend! He took a break from his tour to join the Rolling Stones on stage! So of course Ed Sheeran saw an opportunity and tweeted a selfie of him with the band and wrote, "Amazing night playing with @RollingStones, what a moment." Old school meets new school. Loving it!

Just sung a song on stage with these ladz

A photo posted by @teddysphotos on

Kanye West just got a dose of his one medicine. Remember when he interrupted Taylor Swift on stage at the VMAs? Well that happened to him during his concert in England! A known stage invader by the name of Lee Nelson managed to not only get on stage, but even dance! Kanye West signaled his security, who finally got the guy off stage. The stage crasher had the best line too. He tweeted, "I Kanye'd Kanye!"
Every singer or band has a tour rider, and Nicki Minaj’s butt is the most pampered celebrity of them all! Here’s her list of demands: 12 pieces of fried chicken, 2 strip steaks (well done), 4 bottles of her wine, 4 mini-bottles Sutter Home chardonnay and my favorite part: 4 rolls of "good quality" toilet paper (Quilted Northern or Charmin Ultra only) and 1 box of baby wipes. The baby wipes may be for backup! You need to be prepared!
I think most of the world would want to see this happen! Caitlyn Jenner is no stranger to competition and now former Dancing With the Stars pro Cheryl Burke wants to keep that competitive streak going! Cheryl Burke would love to see her be the next contestant on the show, saying, "I think Caitlyn would be amazing on DWTS. The whole family has basically done it. I danced with Rob Kardashian. Kim did it a few seasons ago." As for who should be Caitlyn Jenner’s partner, Cheryl Burke would love for it to be Tony Dovolani ord Val Chmerkovskiy. Yes, yes and yes! People would watch!

Speaking of Jenners, another Jenner is breaking a record! The best part, she beat a KARDASHIAN! Kim Kardashian had the most-liked Instagram photo of all time when she married Kanye West. Well now her sister Kendall Jenner has taken her title! Kendall Jenner posted a picture of herself lying on the ground with her hair in heart shapes. The now most-liked photo on Instagram got over 2.5 million likes in five weeks! Congratulations!
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Our Memphis Grizzly Bear Wants To Stay Cool!

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Bristol Palin Pregnant With Baby #2

Bristol Palin is causing some controversy with people today after announcing that she is pregnant for the second time and again it’s an out-of-wedlock situation. Bristol Palin had her first child Tripp when she was 18 and now she is 24. What she had to say about her pregnancy announcement too was interested. She said, "I know this has been, and will be, a huge disappointment to my family, to my close friends, and to many of you. But please respect Tripp's and my privacy during this time. I do not want any lectures and I do not want any sympathy. My little family always has, and always will come first. Tripp, this new baby, and I will all be fine, because God is merciful." Bristol Palin gave no more information on her pregnancy and who the father was.

Rose McGowan is changing agents! After she tweeting about sexist wardrobe requirements for a part in a film and made it very clear it was for Adam Sandler because she said its for a star that rhymes with “Madam Panhandler,” Rose McGowan has been dropped! Rose McGowan tweeted, "I just got fired by my wussy acting agent because I spoke up about the bulls**t in Hollywood. Hahaha. #douchebags #awesome #BRINGIT." Ouch! They cut the cord really quick! Must not have been the first issue with her!
Real Housewives Of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice is speaking out from prison! The mother of four tweeted, "Thank you for your outpouring of support and for standing by me through this most difficult time. Love love love you all!" I just want to know how Teresa Giudice is tweeting from prison. This will be the second time. The first tweet she sent out last month and she wrote, "Thank you everyone for all of the cards, letters, and kind words of support.” Maybe her family is tweeting it for her.
Since she’s a new mom, maybe we can blame this on mommy brain! Eva Mendes was driving and turned the wrong way down a one way street, nearly causing a collision while other drivers angrily honked their horns at her! She apparently failed to see the two large "Do Not Enter" signs posted at each end of the road. Eva Mendes quickly turned into a parking garage and successfully avoided what could have been a head-on collision. At least no one got hurt!

Move over Jay Z and Beyonce! There’s a new musical power couple in town and the title is going to Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris! They’ve taken over the top slot on Forbes' Highest-Paid Celebrity Couples. Combined, the couple made $146 million last year. Jay Z and Beyonce still made an impressive $110.5 million though. Coming in third were Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert, with a combined $57 million in earnings over the past year. Make that money!
No saved by the bell this time! Dustin Diamond was sentenced to 120 days in jail for a bar stabbing incident! He also got 15 months probation and can’t return to the scene of the crime or contact the victim. He was ordered to pay the victim $1,105 in restitution. Dustin Diamond will serve his sentence over two sixty-day stints. Screech is going to prison!

She’s taking a break! Cameron Diaz is taking a year off from making movies to be a wife and try to have a baby with her husband of five months, Benji Madden! She has told her team she won’t answer the phone for any amount of money, even though she’s had a lot of offers. Cameron Diaz values her private time and just wants to sit at home, watch TV and movies with her hubbie and work on new recipes for a follow-up book! Sounds like her priorities have 100 percent shifted. Nothing wrong with settling down!
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Bobbi Kristina Brown Gets Moved To Hospice Care

It looks like the family has finally decided to let her go. Since being hospitalized in January after being found unconscious and unresponsive in a bathtub in her home, Bobbi Kristina Brown has been in a coma. Now, her family has moved her to hospice care. Her aunt Pat Houston said, "Despite the great medical care at numerous facilities, her condition has continued to deteriorate... We thank everyone for their support and prayers. She is in God's hands now." The 22 year old has also been taken off all her medications after her family met with a top brain specialist who told them that there’s no hope of pulling her out of the coma. Doctors aren’t sure how long Bobbi Kristina Brown will survive off her medicine.
Shia LaBeouf was injured in an accident on the North Dakota set of his new film this week! According to his rep, Shia LaBeouf will be back on his feet in not time at all. Shia LaBeouf, was hospitalized with a "massive head injury" after a stunt gone wrong. He apparently got 20 stitches and 13 staples to his skull and finger. Shia LaBeouf’s rep is saying he only had minimal injuries and
that he’ll be back on set today. Either way, wishing him well!
P. Diddy is going to be angry this morning! After he was arrested for assaulting his son’s UCLA football coach and an intern with a kettle bell, P. Diddy has gone viral in the workout community. Gym rats have named a workout move after him and they are using his weapon of choice, the kettlebell. It’s called “The Diddy Workout” and it’s actually a ting. You grab a kettlebell, do a few reps and belting out P. Diddy's catchphrase ... “take that, take that.” It's as ridiculous looking as it sounds. Trainers are picking up on the craze and are even adding the "Workout" to classes. 
America's Got Talent will have big shoes to fill on the judges' panel next season. Howard Stern, who has been a judge on the show since 2012 is leaving NBC’s hit show at the end of Season 10! NBC even moved the Los Angeles based show to Howard Stern's home base of New York City so that he could continue his Sirius radio gig. Howard Stern is leaving because he got another TV gig. The interesting part, I’m hearing that Simon Cowell may be interested in taking his place. Can you imagine?

Mariah Carey doesn’t waste any time moving on. If you missed it, she has a new boyfriend… a billionaire named James Packer who is obsessed with Mariah Carey and her music. They’ve only been dating for days and have been traveling from country to country since last week, but the couple is already talking marriage! James Packer has told Mariah Carey that he wants to marry her sooner rather than later, the soonest being when she's officially divorced from Nick Cannon. Apparently Mariah Carey is open to it! Talk about insane!
If she can remember it, one woman is going to have a really fun story to tell her friends. Kim Kardashian was sleeping at her hotel in France when another guest rudely woke her up. She got on Twitter to explain tweeting, “Thanks to the drunk naked woman banging on my door I have been up since 4 am! I'm so sleepy now but have to work! It's gonna be a long day! I took a fun video of her as a reminder of why I never tolerated drinking 2 much! Slob kabob! I won't post it but it's funny!” The confused guest even tried to get into her room. Kim Kardashian finished by tweeting, “She thought her Amex was my room key lol. I think she's staying at my hotel she just had the wrong room # I hope I run into her today.” Hey, we’ve all been there!
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P. Diddy Breaks Silence After Assaulting UCLA's Football Coach!

Kevin Bacon Is just like any parent… he makes mistakes! Kevin Bacon admitted that back in 1989 right after his son Travis was born, they locked the baby in the car with the keys in the car and the motor running! Kevin Back explained, “A guy from the garage put his fist through the window and broke in because my wife and I were obviously panicked. My publicist is laughing at me. We were new parents. You know, it was hard.” I’m sure fast forward to today, he got a Father Of The Year award for Father’s day this year. I bet you they learned their lesson!
I feel like this should have happened already. After having tons of albums with hit songs and winning lots of Grammys, LL Cool J and Bruno Mars are getting stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame next year! Adam Levine, Cyndi Lauper, Michael Keaton, Rob Lowe, Bradley Cooper and Steve Carell will also be inducted into the Walk of Fame and get stars! Big honor!
Marky Mark is back! New Kids On The Block had a concert at Madison Square Garden this week in NYC and Mark Wahlberg surprised fans by joining the band on stage for the first time in over 20 years! An even bigger surprise, 50 Cent and Biz Markie showed up and 50 Cent is the one who brought out Mark Wahlberg! He took the stage stage during brother Donnie Wahlberg’s rendition of "Good Vibrations." Donnie Wahlberg even tweeted afterwards, "Marky Mark retired 25 years ago, but I still loved sharing the stage w my brother mark_wahlberg…" AW! Brotherly love!
Don’t expect to see any apologies here! A day after Sean "Diddy" Combs was arrested for allegedly assaulting his son Justin's UCLA football coach and an intern with a kettlebell, P. Diddy is breaking his silence. He’s claiming self-defense! According to P. Diddy’s rep, ''What we can say now is that any actions taken by Mr. Combs were solely defensive in nature to protect himself and his son. We are confident that once the true facts are revealed, the case will be dismissed.'' Well there’s video of the whole thing, so only time will tell
A big announcement has a lot of people saying, “WHO?” this morning. Marvel and Sony have found their Peter Parker! Actor Tom Holland will play Spiderman in the next movie of the franchise. He’s 19 years old and is best known for starring in the 2012 movie, “The Impossible.” Tom Holland will make an appearance in the next Captain America movie so we can warm up and he’s not a total stranger. He must have really nailed the audition!
Singer Jessie J is on the mend! She got on Twitter and posted about having a surgery, but she refuses to say what for! Jessie J posted a video of herself in the hospital and said, “Just know I am ok… | had an operation yesterday so need to rest… Love, prayers and well wishes is all I need. Sleep, rest,  maybe some pie and mash, but mostly focusing my mind on getting my body better. I want to take a moment to send a virtual hug and kiss out to anyone in pain or suffering at the moment.  In hospital or at home. There is always someone worse off than us and in moments like this I pray for you all.
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Check For Cats Before Takeoff!

Poor kitty! Glad he's ok!

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Check Out These Pups Growing Up Together!

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