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Ron Olson

Ron Olson

Screwy news : good ones today

Screwy news every single day at 8:08

1) husaband wants divorce after wife spends wedding night texting.

2) Colorado Babysitter takes kids along for a Bank robbery

3) Lick your Cat: there's a new product that lets you lick your cat. It's a brush that's shaped like a giant tongue, and you put it in your mouth to brush your cat with a licking motion

Details at 8:08 today

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Tomorrow Morning= fun. must read

wednesday morning. Lots of fun.
Tickets for Shinedown at 6:40

Missed Connections at 7:25

Who is hotter: a guy who looks goodholding a baby or mr Workout?

Do you ever cheat on your diet? If so with what? we will talk about it at 8:25 on the radio.

Great weather to boot.

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rain expected today

no kidding. We have already had 8 plus inches.
Please stop praying for rain


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Another Drunk Driver stopped this morning

I stopped another drunk driver on the way to work this morning. Sad and scary. As I was pulling out of my neighborhood I noticed a car going 5mph in front of me on poplar....then she pulled over..then took off again..I followed and called 911...stayed with her until cops from Germantown came to the rescue....weird things happen early in the morning. PS: there was a lot of damage to her car all down the passenger side. She must have already hit something. Cuffed and carted away to jail. Don't drink and drive. I love our listeners and don't want to lose one to a drunk driver. Life is too short.
wake up people.

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What to buy in March

1) Frozen foods: tons of deals. March is frozen food month. Pizza-veggies- icecream stuff

2)Free coffee:Lots of deals on March 13th: daylight saving time. Help America overcome sleep deprivation

3)Fish and Boxed Mac and Cheese: Fish on sale during Lent. Mac and cheese galore.

4)Candy for Easter baskets. Buy early. Save money

5)Baking supplies and winter food: we won't see sales or coupons on things like flour,yeast,nuts, family sized entrees and canned soup until fall.

6)Ham, eggs, and vinegar. Easter staples. Ham freezes well. You can drink the vinegar. It's tasty or use it on french fries.


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Birthday today?

Free Personal Pan Pizza if today is your birthday. Pizza Hut on their game.

Happy birthday...to you

love Ron
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I love bragging about one thing

I admit it. I love bragging about Memphis. Over the weekend I ran into a couple that had just moved here from San Diego. I was gushing about all the new stuff that is going on in Memphis. Shelby Farms- Overton Square- Graceland- Bass pro shop-all the development on south main and on Front street-The new restaurants-The new Mayor-Sears crosstown- new police director coming-Saddle creek-Fed x- st.Jude and Lebonheur. The list is getting longer and longer. A better city is on the way.
 love ron
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What do Men hide from their wives?

Here we go!
Besides having an affair (hope not)

Guys hide their Body insecurities....stomach-hair issues-He needs to know he is attractive

He doesn't know how to fully open up> Men are less emotional. Communicate your emotions clearly ..(just not during Alaskan bush people)

He is ultra dependent on you. Boy am I that way...

Last but not least:  He's more into cuddling than he lets on. I love cuddling for about 30 seconds then it gets too hot. sorry.
Some guys hide money too. Just saying.

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things you need to know

Kroger wants to buy Fresh Market. The grocery business is crazy and very competitive.

Parkside Project: getting green lights at Shelby Farms- 1200 apartments- 21 buildings all on the backside of the park but with panoramic views of Shelby Farms

Whiskey Wine and Chocolates tonight
at Botanic gardens. sound fun.

Presidents day Monday. Lot of folks off work.
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What happened at wendy's and more

A guy threw a live alligator into a wendy's drive-thru window. He thought it would be funny. He was just arrested for assualt witha deadly weapon .

30% of us have not made any Valentines plans yet.

Scientist try to cure glaucoma, and accidentally discover the receipe for the perfect pancake. use 1.75 cups of water for every cup of flour. Thanks scientists.
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