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Sheryl Stewart
FM100Memphis: Watch! Love all these #Memphis "Can't Stop the Feeling" videos! @jtimberlake https://t.co/VQ6yw7u3JZ

Ron Olson

Ron Olson

perfect weather: attitude soaring

Have you noticed...your attitude seems to match the weather most of the time. Love fall. Embrace the shorter days and longer nights. The seasons are a changing. Remember the scene from "Titanic" , when leo was standing on the bow with his arms stretched out wide soaking up the wind like a Boston Bull going for a car ride down Sam Cooper Blvd, remember that moment. Do that today. Catch every breeze. Leave some change in the Coke machine. Hold a door open for somebody today. Buy a friend's lunch. Hug a Tiger football player and say we all have days like that. Smash the poop out of a tennis ball and pretend you are in the finals of the US OPEN.

ROLL DOWN THE WINDOWS. Listen to fm100 and find one song that hits home for you.

09/06/2011 4:57AM
perfect weather: attitude soaring
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09/10/2011 6:05PM
Kathleen Kelley
These are the lyrics from rapper Soulja boy. "F*** the FBI and the army troops ... fighting for what? Be your own man ... I'll be flying through the clouds with green." These are the lyrics from rapper Soulja boy. THIS is Awful! Yes he did apologize to the military and their families but let him put his money where his mouth is and donate money to the USO or any veteran organization Or ..........sponsor army couples to a Titans game ;) Ron what do think?
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