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Ron Olson

Ron Olson

3 apps you need for Halloween: safe kids

these are important if you want to track your kids on Halloween.

1`) family locator . this app uses the gps on their phone to show exactly where they are in real time. it also has an S.O.S button

2)Red Panic Button. perfect for little kids.All they have to do is press the big red button for help

3) this app also rocks. Life360. you can see where they are at any time. they can message you if there is a problem. and you can set boundary limits.

keep em safe.
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five fears we google the most

Here we go:

1) death

2) love

3) people

4) loneliness

5) commitment

Bonus google fear: a world without the radio pumping into my heart every morning
(I made up the last one) ron
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Free Flu Shots

Free flu shots today at Baptist southaven and Baptist collierville. 3-6pm. Good plan. Prevention is always the best.
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Reminders . Must read.

5 days until Halloween
Daylight saving ends in 6 days

24 days to Quit smoking

31 days til thanksgiving

53 days until "the Force awakens"

Five days til 8-0 for the tigers.
Now you know

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What is the 2/2/2/ rule? check this out

the 2/2/2 rule for making your love last forever.

The rule states that a couple should go out for one evening every two weeks, one weekend every two months and one week every two years.

Is this the key to a solid relationship?
some think so.

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A simmple test : to see if you should get serious.

This is great. It is a simple test . A simple question to ask yourself if you want to get serious with someone. Could you eat 50,000 meals with them?
 Is this test lame?

What do you think?
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Most trusted companies: the list is out.

Here we go The List is out. See if you agree.

Airline: southwest

Domestic car: Ford Foreign car-Toyota

Computer: Dell and HP

Fast food: McDonalds

Big box store: Walmart

Shampoo: pantene

Toothpaste: crest

Morning show: ron olson and michelle

I knew it.

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Want to lose ten pounds by the Holidays? read this

Researchers recently had people drink a 16 ounce glass of water before breakfast, lunch and dinner. And in three months they lost an average of nine and a half pounds. This makes sense butyou pee all the time.


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7 things that are better to say than "I love you"

Here is the list:

1) "you're so hot"

2)"I'm more in love with you today than I was yesterday"

3) "you just made me laugh so hard"

4)"I love your body"

5)"I hate everybody today except you"

6)" I love watching you run" I love watching you play an instrument. Be specific.
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The three best places to have a heart attack- if there is such a place.
1) casino. They all have defibrillators on hand and security gaurds that know how to use them

2) On a domestic flight. Same thing as number 1. They have "A.E.d.'s" and they know how to use them.

3) Disney world: they are trained to help when danger arrives. They installed around 500 of them around each theme park

PS: have one in the emergency room or at a paramedic convention.

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