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Sheryl Stewart
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Sheryl Stewart


Things to watch for on a first date!

first date

If you're going on a first date soon, you might want to take a minute to read what Juliet A. Boghossian, a behavioral food expert, has to say about what you can learn from your date's behavior around food!

For example, if your date tells you he often orders the same dish at most restaurants, chances are he’s not a risk taker and finds comfort in routine. Someone who hesitates when trying unfamiliar foods probably has a fear of change, so if you’re looking for a partner up for anything, keep searching. But those craving stability should look no farther, says Boghossian.

Menu Manners
Pay attention to the way your date orders his or her food. Menu preferences can indicate the way a person operates outside of the restaurant, too. According to Boghossian, if someone likes to order something new, they are likely to “ challenge [his or her] partner to new heights.” Excitedly exploring uncharted food territory often extends into an openness to change and new experiences in life.

Sometimes people let their true colors show during the first date, unintentionally or not. Boghossian feels that if your date does any of the following things, it can give you an idea about your love match compatibility.

Good signs:

Makes frequent eye contact during dinner, especially when you’re talking
Tries to match you in terms of eating pace
Waits until you’ve both received your meals before eating
Asks you about your favorite foods, restaurants, or anything that demonstrates an active interest
Offers a sample from his/her dish

Hmmm...proceed carefully:

Focusing on the food instead of conversation (or you)
Starts eating when you’re still waiting for your meal
Doesn’t make eye contact
Eating at a haphazard pace, not paying attention to how you’re eating

Run away! He (or she) is not worth your time:

Orders for you when you’ve given no preference
Being rude or aggressive toward the host and/or waiter
Makes snide comments about the way you eat
Forgets wallet or purse, making you pay for the meal
Remembers wallet or purse, but assumes you’ll pay for the meal anyway


10/01/2009 12:58PM
Things to watch for on a first date!
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