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Ladies, would you date this man?


He's the world's tallest man....8 feet 2 inches tall! Poor woman will date him because he's "scary". Ok...good point....but I'm sure there are other advantages to being so freakishly tall, right? case you are curious about some of the other people in the world who probably aren't any luckier in love than this guy, here's a story about the world's newest Guiness Book entries...complete with a pic of world's longest ear hair guy! eeeeew!


09/17/2009 11:28AM
Ladies, would you date this man?
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09/17/2009 11:42AM
I'd have coffee with him... nothing romantic. I'm sure he's got a GREAT OUTLOOK ON LIFE!
09/17/2009 11:43AM
Well.....he does appear to have HUGE hands and feet!! HA!! No, nevermind - no I would not date him - no matter what!! ;o)
09/17/2009 11:47AM
No way, I draw the line at dating anyone whose waist I don't come past. On the plus side though, he would be able to reach all the high stuff on the shelves!
09/17/2009 12:22PM
Yes, I totally would! He's a hunk! And he looks like he has a very sensitive and romantic side. I wonder if he likes to drink wine?
09/24/2009 10:31PM
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