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Justin Timberlake And Jessica Biel Are Having A Baby!

I CALLED IT! Giving a huge congratulations this morning to Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel! The couple is expecting their first child together! They haven't confirmed the news themselves, but everyone is reporting it! A close friend of Jessica Biel's is saying that she's at least three months pregnant and due in April! This all comes after a lot of reports that Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel were arguing over starting a family. Apparently Jessica Biel finally convinced him to do it by saying either we have a baby or I'm gone and Justin Timberlake didn't want to lose her so he stepped up! I told you back when he was here in November Jessica Biel had baby fever in her eyes!!!!

It's official, mom is back in control! Amanda Bynes' mother has regained conservatorship of her as she remains in a psychiatric facility. Lynn Bynes now has full control over daughter and her estate. Considering the fact that Amanda Bynes has been acting really odd and been spending large amounts of her savings, I say this is the best thing that can happen!

The Hunger Games is going to look a lot different this month. That's because Lorde and Ariana Grande are being thrown into the mix! During a Livestream chat with fans Ariana Grande revealed that she recorded a song with Lorde and DJ Diplo for the soundtrack. She's describing the song as an "interesting" and "different!" Lorde and Ariana Grande? Yeah, I'd describe that as interesting!

American Horror Story is already freaky, but it's about to get freakier! Neil Patrick Harris is joining the show! He's bringing people with him too, his husband David Burtka! They'll show up towards the end of the current season! Looks like from hosting the Oscars to hosting a variety show at NBC and now American Horror Story, Neil Patrick Harris is busy!

Mama June can't seem to get away from this scandal of getting back together with her ex and convicted child molester. But she's finally doing interviews now and said, "the whole truth will come out… the protection of my kids is my number one priority." She's going to get that truth out by talking to the media, saying, "I can't tell you which media outlet I will sit down with. I don't wanna say anything about anything, that will all come out with the right media outlet." Mama June also said she has nothing bad to say about TLC. Yeah, she'll probably get sued!

How can you go through that much money? Tori Spelling claims she lives "paycheck-to-paycheck" and worries about supporting her family! Apparently Tori Spelling and her husband have gone through $18 million since they've been together. She also refuses to change her lifestyle because she loves it too much. By the way, they have three nannies for their six kids! Yeah, the struggle is real!

When I told you yesterday that Chris Martin and Jennifer Lawrence split up, my first reaction was that it was either because they were moving too fast or that Gwyneth Paltrow got in the way. Well, looks like the winner is Gwyneth Paltrow! Jennifer Lawrence was tired of the spotlight on their relationship and she also thought that Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow were a little too close for comfort. It was too hard for her to deal with. An ex-wife that shares kids with the guy your dating… can you BLAME Jennifer Lawrence for walking away?
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10 Hours Of Walking In NYC As A Man

A response to the video that the woman put out. What do you think, funny or offensive?

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Is It Mother's Day Already?

Someone needs to stop Snooki from procreating!


Check out the video she did for US Weekly.

She talks about a lot of things, but key to the conversation is her new daughter, Giovanna.

"Giovanna just turned one month yesterday," Snooki said. "All she does is eat and s--t and sleeps… she just lays there. I think once Giovanna starts to actually move and crawl and run around, that's when s--t's gonna hit the fan."

Doctor Spock must be whirling in his grave...
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What Wine, What Candy?

It's an annual adult dilemma: what wine goes best with which candy?

Fret no more - the folks at vivino.com have come up with the Ultimate Guide to Pairing Wine with Halloween Candy.

Your prayers are now officially answered.
  • Skittles, for instance, go with a dry white or a sweet white.
  • Kit Kats go with sparkling wines or a medium red.
  • A dessert wine goes with just about any sort of candy - which you'd expect.
  • And poor little Sour Patch Kids - they pretty much go with nothing.
Now we know what makes them sour...
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Game of Thrones Grilling

George R.R. Martin, author of the books that spawned Game of Thrones, showed up on Late Night with Seth Myers the other day.

On the couch with him, Amy Poehler, there to promote her own book - not quite as epic as George's, but still, a literary work.

Amy showed how much she knows about GOT by quizzing George about who uttered certain lines of dialogue.

The results are very, very funny.

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Mystery Solved, Sooner or Later

Investigators are pretty certain they've found a piece of Amelia Earhart's plane.

The aviator disappeared over the Pacific Ocean about 77 years ago, while attempting to fly around the world.

The aluminum aircraft component was found on an atoll called Nikumaroro, somewhere between Hawaii and Australia.

Oh, and the debris from Amelia's twin-engine plane was found in 1991.

Looks like they sent it to the We'll Get Around To It Eventually forensic laboratory.

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Baby Makes Three

Jessica Biel is pregnant. At least, that's what the folks at RadarOnline.com are reporting.

Jessica and her hubby, Justin Timberlake, are expecting a child in another seven months or so - the first for both of them.

Like any good reporter, I had to find another source before reporting this news.

And looky here - HipHollywood.com had the story six days earlier.

So it's got to be true, right?

I mean, if HipHollywood.com says so, and then RadarOnline.com says so without saying that HipHollywood.com said, so, then it's got to be true.

That's the fourth law of journalism, I believe.

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I'm Sorry, What Are We Selling Again?

Miley Cyrus rolled out a new ad campaign, serving as the new spokesperson for MAC cosmetics Viva Glam line.

Check out the ad, which was posted to Miley's Instagram yesterday.

She's selling lipstick and lip gloss.

Other than the brand name positioned in the center of the ad, do you see anything that says, "Hey, I'm selling lipstick and lip gloss" in that picture?

I don't know - maybe the products get photoshopped in after the fact?

Every $ from the sales of my #VIVAGLAM will go to @MACAIDSFund to help those affected by HIV! ???

Una foto publicada por Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus) el

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Harry Potter Can Rap!

She needs more time to get better! Amanda Bynes is going to spend at least another month getting around-the-clock psychiatric care. A judge agreed to extend her involuntary commitment after her doctors said they don't think she is well enough to be released. That can't be good!

Melissa Rivers is going in for the kill! She's hired a big NYC-based law firm to look into what happened at the clinic that she thinks is responsible for her mother, Joan Rivers' death. Melissa Rivers' lawyer had this to say, "In order to fully determine the facts and circumstances surrounding the death of Joan Rivers, we confirm that our firm has been engaged by Melissa Rivers and her family." Joan Rivers visited the clinic for a routine diagnostic procedure and agreed to an endoscopy, but not an unplanned throat biopsy that caused her to stop breathing. It's about to get serious!

Are you a Democrat or Republican? Most people HATE being asked this question, but today we might not even have to ask if because I can find out what you are based on the music you listen to! Democrats love the Beatles, Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, and Alicia Keys. Republicans love country music like Miranda Lambert and her husband, Blake Shelton. Who knew!

Taylor Swift is unstoppable! She's about to become the first act to earn three million-selling weeks. Her new album 1989 is on track to sell at least one million copies in its first week. If it hits that goal, that would make Taylor Swift's third million-selling debut in a row! First she's the new mentor on the Voice, then she's NYC's Ambassador and now she's making it rain!

Are they on the outs? It's been going on forever that Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi's marriage is in trouble. Well now they didn't show up at a charity fund-raiser for rescued animals after having a huge fight in the car on the way to the event! They were listed and pictured on the invitation as hosts! Of course Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi are denying it, saying they informed the charity they wouldn't be able to go. Their attorney is also saying the story is a big lie. The charity didn't respond to requests for comment.

If I told you Adam Levine was throwing a Halloween party, what would be your first thought? Mine would be that it's going to be ONE SEXY PARTY! Well Melissa McCarthy learned that the hard way. Back in the day when she lived on the same block as Adam Levine, she was invited to his annual Halloween Bash. Everyone was dressed in a different kind of bikini. Not Melissa McCarthy. She showed up in a short, curly wig, oversized shades, and a strangely patterned shirt and mismatched scarf... to be her aunt Bernice! Listen to the story below!

Oh and Harry Potter can rap! GO GO GO GO Harry, it's your birthday!

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Remember To Turn Your Mic Off!

Awkward moment!

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