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Ha! If This Happens To Your Husband, Don't Laugh!

Poor guy!

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People Around The World Are Supporting Bruce Jenner

Safety first! Kate Middleton is already five days past the official due date of her second child, but as she awaits the birth of the baby, she's getting ready! Kate Middleton, Prince William and their security team will be ready whenever he or she arrives because their security detail is going to increase immediately after royal baby number two is born. There will be security people that are solely responsible for protecting each child. Also now that Prince George is over a year old, more security is needed because risk increases as the kids get older, because they "become much more mobile." You can never be too cautious!

Jake Gyllenhaal is single and ready to mingle, but mom has to approve first! Jake Gyllenhaal was speaking about his dating life with Ellen DeGeneres during an appearance on her show, and he admitted to some awkward relationship experiences. He said, "Well, one thing I always do is I always bring my dates to my mother's house for the first date. I think that's a good move." I think he was joking. I HOPE he was joking. Jake Gyllenhaal said he also gets his mother's advice with it comes to women and would trust her to set him up. Ok, maybe he WASN'T joking.

The cast of Friends are just never going to give us a reunion, so we have to get over it. Courteney Cox says that we can blame it on one person too stating, "We've not really had a Friends reunion. We've gotten about 80% there but there's always one person that flakes at the end." Many people have heard that the person flaking is David Schwimmer and when she was asked about it, Courteney Cox said, "I'm not going to name names. But it may not be Schwimmer." WHO IS RUINING IT FOR EVERYONE?! I WANT TO KNOW!

New mom Jill Duggar is in hot water today. That's because Jill Duggar posted a picture on her Facebook page holding her child in a baby sling. The issue? She was holding baby Israel incorrectly in the baby sling. In the pictures, Jill Duggar is holding Israel horizontally in a baby sling, and the baby was positioned way too low. People went into a frenzy and they started making comments like, "She needs to raise that sling up about a foot, he's supposed to be laying across her chest, not her waist." The good news is that baby Israel is just fine. Everyone is always going to have something to say.

Now that Bruce Jenner had his interview with Diane Sawyer and made his announcement about switching genders, people are trying to capitalize on it. Bruce Jenner's iconic Wheaties box is for sale on eBay, and if you're willing to shell out a couple hundred dollars you can get it. One unopened box of Bruce Jenner Wheaties is seeing bids as much as $255 with 5 days left, and another unopened box is getting bids up to $125.50. That's one expensive box of cereal!

Speaking of Bruce Jenner, people are going out of the way to support him by flooding Twitter and Instagram with photos of their fingernails painted with nail polish with the hashtag #PaintYourNailsForBruce. The reason why it's a way to support Bruce Jenner is because in his interview with Diane Sawyer, Bruce Jenner revealed how badly he wanted to be able to have nail polish on his fingers long enough that it actually chips off. Something so simple that he would love to do and was too afraid to! I love it!

Not all albums are made the same. Every notice that no matter how loud you crank the volume on your iTunes, each and every song you listen to has a different volume and one is louder or quieter than the other? Well, a new study found that Taylor Swift's 1989 album blows hard rock albums like AC/DC's out of the water. Metallica and Skrillex top the list of loud albums, but Taylor Swift comes in pretty high at number five. So there you have it, Taylor Swift up there with Metallica and Skrillex.

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Rest Well, Jayne Meadows

Jayne Meadows, a star of stage, screen and television, passed away yesterday at the age of 95.

She was perhaps best-known for her personal-life role as wife to Steve Allen, the first host of The Tonight Show.

Here's a fun clip from 1954 when Jayne appeared as the mystery guest on TV's What's My Line?, a show on which her husband was a panelist.

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"Which One of You is Michael Palin?"

Over the weekend, the Tribeca Film Festival celebrated the 40th anniversary of Monty Python & the Holy Grail.

It was followed by a question-and-answer session hosted by HBO's John Oliver, but the Q&A didn't exactly go as planned.

Someone in the audience actually asked, "Which one of you is Michael Palin?"

Sadly, that person probably thought the legendary Python performer was related somehow to Sarah Palin.

I guess it's good that no one asked, "Which one of you is Monty Python?"

Know what I mean? Say no more, say no more...
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Celebrate YouTube

Ten years ago this week, YouTube was founded.

Hard to imagine a point in our history without it, but there you are.

The first video ever was a 19-second opus called "Me at the Zoo," posted by one of the company's founders.

In it, we learn that elephants have really long trunks.

The video has been viewed over 22.5 million times.

I wonder how many of those were high school kids writing term papers about elephants...

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A Wild Reunion

This is an amazing video.

The Aspinall Foundation helps introduce gorillas born in captivity into the wilds of West Africa.

This video captures the moments when Damian Aspinall and his daughter Tansy rediscovered two gorillas she hadn't seen in about a dozen years since they were brought back to the Gabon Forest.

Truly amazing to watch the interaction between the primates and their human friend.

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Comedian in Chief

At Saturday's White House Correspondents Dinner, SNL's Cecily Strong had some strong competition.

From the current resident of the White House himself, President Obama.

Check out this bit where he invited Luther, his anger translator, to interpret the president's inner voice.

It's a bit seen often on Comedy Central's Key & Peele, but this time, the president was played by the real deal.

And it's real funny.

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Johnny Depp Disappears Again - Into a Role!

Johnny Depp could well be the best actor of our day.

No matter what role he tackles, he dives in all the way - so much so, he's frequently unrecognizable.

Black Mass is the latest case in point.

In it, he plays Whitey Bulger, one of the most notorious gangsters in Massachusetts history.

And he pretty much disappears into the role.

Check out the clip. See if you can figure out which one is him...

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Amazing! Watch This Kid Break A World Record!

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Bruce Jenner Makes His Huge Annoucement

Did you watch Bruce Jenner's interview with Diane Sawyer Friday night? It delivered huge ratings for ABC, with a total of 16.9 million people watching. The interview was the biggest Friday night episode of 20/20 in more than 15 years and there were over 972,000 tweets. So in case you missed it, here's a quick recap. Bruce Jenner announced that he is a woman, stating, "My brain is much more female than male. For all intents and purposes, I am a woman." Bruce Jenner has known this since he was a little boy. Kris Jenner and his other wives knew he cross-dressed and Kim Kardashian was the first kid to catch him doing it. She's been the most accepting. Khloe Kardashian is taking his change the hardest. Bruce Jenner has also picked a new name and is considering sex reassignment surgery. Finally, things got so bad that Bruce Jenner had contemplated suicide. Now he's ready to live his life as the person he truly is, and this was his last interview as Bruce Jenner. I'd be willing to bet he even saved lives Friday night. If you haven't watched the interview yet, put it on your to-do list!

It's normal to be a supportive but also concerned mother, and that's exactly what Mama June from Here Comes Honey Boo Boo is being. She broke the news that her oldest daugther Anna Shannon Cardwell is pregnant with her second child by having this to say on Instagram, "Well guess who will b a gigi and aunts again in December we will. They r too young to have another one i will support her and Michael but katilyn will always b gigis first baby… I'm not going to sugar coat its im nervous for them as i know they r struggling with just them and katilyn right now and adding another one is going b hard and they r in different state for me to help her out like i was able to help alot with katilyn but going to try to b supportive as possible ....congrats." Well, I guess she didn't have to tell the whole world.

This real housewife is finally getting help. Kim Richards from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast has checked into a Malibu rehab facility. The rehab specializes in substance abuse and she will stay there for "as long as it takes" to get better. The decision was made after talking it over with her family. The news comes nine days after Kim Richards was arrested for kicking a police officer in the leg when she was drunk.

Sometimes it takes the power of the fans to get what we want! Spoiler alert for Grey's Anatomy fans! So many people are still upset over the tragic death of Dr. Derek "McDreamy" Shepard on the show that a change.org petition has been started. It's directed at ABC and Patrick Dempsey and is requesting the return of the character we all love so much! The petition describes the betrayal felt by the Grey's Anatomy fan base. They hate how Patrick Dempsey's character was killed off and how his death was handled. Patrick Dempsey and ABC have yet to publicly comment, but I think it would be pretty hard to bring him back from the dead!

Brad Pitt must really not care about what people think! That's because he showed up to a benefit concert for Autism Speaks in Hollywood and had a horrible bruise on his face. Turns out it was because of flip flops Brad Pitt said, "This is what happens when you try to run up steps in the dark, with your arms full, wearing flip flops. Turns out if you then try to stop your forward momentum with your face, the result is road rash." That wasn't going to stop him from coming out for a great cause. I think he looks gorgeous even with that bruise!

Brian Williams' name continues to be tarnished. There's a new report claiming that Brian Williams is undergoing an internal NBC News investigation of six more instances where he may have "fabricated, misrepresented or embellished his accounts." Two people with inside knowledge of the investigation are the ones leaking this information. Brian Williams was suspended from his position as NBC Nightly News anchor for at least six months after he misled viewers about being shot down in a helicopter during the Iraq war in 2003. Who knows what else will happen to him if it's found out that he lied about other things. That would very well cost Brian Williams his job!

To us she seems like the coolest person in the room, but Taylor Swift swears she doesn't focus on that! She said, "I just don't place much priority on looking cool. And I think at 25, I'm finally OK with feeling that. I've said this before. I think there's this priority on having this persona of being edgy or cool or bored. And those things are all sexy. All those things are chic, when you seem not to care about anything other than yourself. And I just don't buy into it. I'm really excited by lots of things. I think enthusiasm is the best protection." T-Swift, you'll always be the coolest person in the room to us!
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