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Ron Olson

Ron Olson

The Top 7 things that make a woman feel loved

The list is pretty good. And I agree with all of them.

1) cooking for her
2) giving her a compliment
3) doing the dishes
4) offering to get the groceries
5) buying her a random gift
6)surprise weekend getaway
7) carrying her bags

also: forgiving his crazy

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It's the best selling car of all time!

Since 1966 the Toyota Corolla has sold 40 million cars. Big fat wow!

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8 celebrities parents don't want their kids to like

The List is kinda no surprise. See if you agree.
1) Kanye West
2)Miley Cyrus
3) Nicki Minaj
4) Kim Kardashian
5)Kristen stewart
6)Zayn Malik
7)Kustin Bieber
8)Shia LeBeouf

Parents really love TaylorSwift and Ed Sheeran and Chris Michaels.

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Things you need to know

Forrest spence 5k : saturday at overton park. A don't miss run.

The midnight classic Bike tour is saturday night at Tiger lane.Bike nuts from all over. great weather for a midnite ride.

The Breakaway Bar Dog 5k is Sunday morning downtown. 9_11:30. Followed by the Monroe avenue festival.
It seems like working out is today's theme
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How much do you spend on Wine for a friends party

There's a simple formula for how much you should spend on a bottle of wine for a friend's party. Just estimate the annual income of the the person throwing the party, then divide by 10,000. So if they make $50,000 a year, a $5 bottle is fine. Or if it's a couple with a combined income of $120,000, look for a $12 bottle.

A five dollar bottle of wine....where can you find one. Love it.

Now you know.

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This is a story of true love!

A 65 year old farmer in wisconsin lost his wife to cancer last year, and she loved sunflowers. So he recently paid tribute to her by planting 400 acres of them along the road near their property, and they go on for 4 and a half miles. He's planning to sell the seeds, and donate the money to cancer research.

how cool is that?


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Orpheum says thanks Ron Olson> Good story

I just got a note from the orpheum. They said the art piece I donated for their auction , went for $840 dollars. Make me hollers. I  am all about helping when I can. They will use the money for their new education center that is about to open. Boom.

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New Baby Names- Kinda awkward

It seems like more parents are turning regular words into baby names to find one that's unique. Here are some real word names

1) alias

I made up the last one.

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You can wish upon a Star

You can wish upon a Star. Not Michelle or Elvis or a Kardashian, but a real big falling star tonight. Huge meteor shower tonight from 9pm- 1am. Get yourself outside . Away from the bright city lights. Lay down on a blanket and look to the sky. And while you are there make a wish or two on your brightest falling star. Enjoy.


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I did something weird last friday

I will tell you what it is friday at 7:40. I felt werid about it but trusted the person who had this idea. Not sure if it really made any difference. But now I kinda like it.
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Missed connections

1) early morning runner. Tuesday morning. Shaved head and fit body. You were so hot I had to circle the block twice. I need a workout buddy...tell me what color shorts your were wearing. Then I 'll know its you.
2)Walgreens redbox> You were getting a movie and I was standing behind you. Enjoying the view. You turned around and spoke to me. I wanted to ask you to come watch a movie but you didn't respond to me.. Tell me what you were wearing so we can continue our redbox love

3)sexy neighbor walks pug. I saw you walking your pig (pug)..you were so hot in your blue jean shorts...I want to worship you . let me know what kind of car you drive and we can connect.
Missed connections from Craig's list.
Wednesday at 7:25 on fm100
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Bass pro shop kicking Bass

Wow. Already 1 million visitors since July 8th. 708 employees. Second hotel on the drawing board. And they want to add a huge Zip line over the river. Maybe they will take over Mud Island and make it happen.
PS: they have sold 12 tons of fudge.
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