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A Total Solar Eclipse Will Happen August 21st

On August 21st, a Total Solar Eclipse will take place in the middle of the afternoon.
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Twitter Reacts To Michael Phelps Race Against Fake Shark

After the major hype that Michael Phelps was racing a Great White Shark, turns out the Shark wasn't real.
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How To Recover Your Old Embarrassing Myspace Photos

Do you want to recover all those old Myspace Photos? Well, you can...
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The Chainsmokers

FedexForum May 19th, The Chainsmokers with special guest Kiiara and featuring Emily Warren
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Red Lobster Has Cheddar Biscuit Flavored ChapStick

I love those Cheddar Biscuits, but would you wear the ChapStick?
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Win tickets to see The Chainsmokers!

Win tickets to see The Chainsmokers before you can buy em!
Contest Date Range: Monday, Aug 21st 2017 3:59pm - end date to be announced.

Time to FALL BACK! Extra hour of ?? this weekend

Time to Fall Back!
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Justin Timberlake about Kids, Music and Trolls! Roll Clip!

Justin Timberlake on Ellen! The movie Trolls opens this weekend.
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