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WATCH: Snow Patrol Share New Song "Don’t Give In"

Snow Patrol is ready to share new music with their fans. After recently announcing the band’s first album in seven years, Wildness , Snow Patrol has revealed the first song, “Don’t Give In.” Listen to the band’s new cut, which contains explicit lyrics, below: The earnest, heartfelt track pairs an... Read More

LISTEN: Shawn Mendes Is Back With "In My Blood"

There's nothing holding Shawn Mendes back in today's release, and we already love the song. Yes, the pop super star just released his highly-anticipated new single, "In My Blood." "In My Blood" is the first single from his upcoming studio album. We don't know much about that album, but it is... Read More

Have You Heard Of The 21 Day Anxiety Challenge?

Even if you don't deal with anxiety, I still think this is a great challenge posted by that you can do if you feel like you just need to reset and refocus. 21 Day Anxiety Challenge Day 1 - Spend 20 minutes outside. Day 2 - Color a page in a coloring book. Day 3 - Write down... Read More

Bill Murray Crashed Elvis Presley’s Funeral

Bill Murray Crashed Elvis Presley’s Funeral As of last August, it’s been 40 years since we’ve lost Elvis Presley. But Priscilla Presley is still talking about his passing today. She was actually on Today and reflected on the day of Elvis Presley‘ funeral. She said, “I was still shocked. It was just... Read More

What's Coming To Netflix in April 2018

Winter is wrapping up. Spring is here, but that doesn't mean you can't still enjoy some relaxing time in front of the TV. Of course, it's STILL a great time of the year to snuggle up to Netflix & chill. Last Call: The COMPLETE List of Everything That Expires From Netflix in April 2018 So what's... Read More

Three Reasons to Turn Off Read Receipts On Your Apps Now

Do you have your read receipts turned on in your phone's settings or certain apps? It's time to turn them off now because they aren't helping you or the people you are choosing to communicate with or ignore. Read receipts are an option in iMessage, your Outlook email, and even some social media... Read More