Is having a house Keeper worth it?

September 12, 2017

Great Question: Is having a house keeper worth it?  Here are some reasons why.

1) A house cleaner forces us to keep it together. We clean up a bunch before she gets she can get the hard stuff done.

2) It keeps you from nagging your husband and all the kids to CLEAN UP.

3) You get to spend more time on household chores that you enjoy. Like cooking etc.

4) No decisions to make on what cleaning supplies to buy. I just discovered the wonders of bleach.

5) Monday feels like a fresh start.

6) Worth it, if you can afford it. It helps your sanity when both folks are working.

there you go. The answer is's totally worth it. in many ways. If you got the cash.

We have a killer housecleaner that comes twice a the day she comes...homerun.

everybody is happy. signed ron

there you go. We have one that comes by twice a month.....and the day she comes is awesome...