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A woman in China proposed to her boyfriend last week by renting out the signs on over 900 taxis. wow times ten A 15 year old recently tried to take his mom to court, because the TOOK HIS PHONE AWAY so he would study. The judge sided with the mom. A 29 yearold guy accidentally texted an assistant... Read More

Bad practical joke that is kinda tacky. but funny to me.

I do this to entertain myself...whenever I go into a bathroom and I see that one of the stalls is occupied....I always make some kind of editorial noise like"whoa" or " wheww"...and walk out. Knowing that the person in the stall is embarrassed to some degree. They don't know who did it. I can feel... Read More

There's a new Rooster downtown

Dominicks Distillery is coming soon to Front street....It is going to be a huge hit for downtown. I love their new sign.... opening soon.Restaurant-Bar- and they will distilling their own Bourbon. The line to get in starts now. Read More

Memphis Lost an Iconic Landmark. A legend.

Memphis lost the King of funk and disco and good times yesterday. Raiford. He was a landmark for this city. Whenever folks came in from out of town, I would take them to Raiford's for the ultimate good time. Play the drums-dance like no one was watching- enjoy a cold "40". I hope the club rolls on... Read More

Things I would do for $15 bucks an hour

Things I would do for 15 bucks an hour> 1)rake leaves 2)take the trash out a bunch 3) wash your car 4)run to the grocery store for you 5)teach you how to fish 6) Fix you breakfast but I would not babysit for 15 bucks an hour. Maybe a hundred bucks an hour....sorry. Read More

Where can you find Bloody Marys Like this? Yum

These fabulous Bloody Marys can be found in the Arlington Hotel in downtown Hot Springs Arkansas. It's saturday morning at about 10:30. Gorgeous day. 35,000 folks on the way to Oaklawn race track to see the horses run for the roses. What a great weekend getaway. They have about three or for more... Read More

Forget the Five Second rule: Must read (boom)

Shocking news: Forget the Five second rule. Old days- you had five seconds to pick up and eat anything that you drop on the floor. 2017 thinking- If you drop a cookie or a potato chip on the floor you have up to 30 minutes to eat it. That's because the bacteria has not kicked in on it yet....enjoy... Read More

Who is Allison Webb and why is she smiling?

Why is Allison Webb smiling? well- she has joined hands with Ron Olson at the Kroc center for a New art show that opens today. Stop by in the lobby and check it out for the next month or so. After looking at the killer art, go do a sit up or two at the Kroc center. It'll make you smile too. Read More

One more cool thing to do in Memphis.

One more cool thing to do in downtown. I love our music scene. Take your kids to the Gibson Guitar Factory downtown. They give tours everyday. Cool educational rock n roll. A very fascinating time. Gibson guitars Iconic look. Go see em made. Rock your socks off. Read More