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What a night!

What a night. What a Team. What a city. Thanks Griz for making life more fun than it really is. See ya next year. Bring em all back Mr. Owner. Go Zebow. GO Tony. Go Marc. Go all the guys that I don't know their names. Read More

Who loves a Big Tipper?

Big Tippers are cool. I wish I could bring it like this. San antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich was in town last week and went to McEwens for dinner. The bill was $800 plus and he left a TIP of $5,000 buckaroos. Holy Cow! He will be back for game six so tell your downtown waiter friends to watch... Read More

Mike Conley owes me $14 bucks.

Last year I played golf with Mike Conley and Mike Miller. These guys are really good at golf too. At the end of the day Mike Conley owed me $14 bucks. 14 SMOOTH. But he was in a hurry and had to scoot and forgot about the bet. He makes 200 million a year. You'd think he could cough up $14 bucks. I... Read More

You can't change what? A list of things people can't do.

Tons of people don't know how to change a light bulb,cook a meal or change a flat tire. 1) change a light bulb...79% can..21% can't. 2) cook one full meal...69% can...31% can't/ 3) sew on a button...65% can...35% can't 4) Change a baby's diaper..57% can..43% can't. 5) Listen to Ron and Michelle..... Read More

This weekend is full of fun: check it out!

Tons of fun for all this weekend. 1) Grizzlies plaoff game 4 saturday night at the Fed X forum. Go Griz. 2) Hot wing festival saturday downtown 3) Rajun Cajun sunday downtown 4) The Sound of Music at the orpheum 5) Earth day is saturday. Recycle something or get free mulch at the fairgrounds while... Read More

Art sale Sunday : Orpheum-Ron Olson to help out.

Hey it's me. If you are downtown sunday stop by the Halloran center and check out this art sale. Tons of memphis artists and lots of cool original art. A portion of the proceeds go to the education program at the center. The sound of music has a show that afternoon, so stop by early. Enjoy. Read More

Surprise! Carrie Underwood's National Anthem at Predators Game

Carrie Underwood joined her husband Mike Fisher on the ICE this week as the Predators are in the Playoffs! She's singing, he's slinging! Go Predators. Check out her nails! Predators Spirit! Got that #PredsPride baby, from my fingers to my toes! @predsnhl #GoPreds #GoFish #SpiritFingers #BlueAndGold... Read More

Who is Kimberly Queen. And why should you care?

Who is Kimberly Queen. Was she on Friends? Did she date Justin Timberlake? No. She is a type of Fern. The best fern to buy for your patio ever. It withstands the summer heat of Memphis. Looks great all summer. PS: I got mine at Kroger. they had a great price on them. Enjoy this farming tip from ron... Read More

Lady Gaga: A Star is Born Remake!

Lady Gaga (aka Stefani Germanotta) and Bradley Cooper set to star in the remake of "A Star Is Born" ! The remake of the 1976 movie (which starred Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson) is currently filming and set to be released in 2018. This is Bradley Cooper's directorial debut and Clint... Read More

He won how Much: this is good Screwy News!

Say Hello to Eliberto Cantu. He bought a lottery ticket in Little Rock and won $177 million bucks. Imagine that. His take home was $77 million and some change. He said that he would be traveling some and is going to rebuild his church. And call Ron and Michelle to give each of them two million... Read More