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Where to watch the Solar Eclipse in Memphis: Ron Olson

Memphis will see 93% totality of the solar eclipse MONDAY at 1:22pm. – The Memphis Redbirds are having a day game during the Eclipse at AutoZone Park. It starts at the exact time the eclipse will start in Memphis, which is 11:52am. First 5,000 in attendance will receive a pair of eclipse glasses... Read More

New Food Sensation!

New Food Sensation. I discovered the 'BURGER DOG" in San Francisco last week. It's like a hot dog but instead of hot dog it's a long piece of hamburger. Perfect combo. It could take off if offered in Memphis. Attention Sonic- Hueys- The dirty Crow. Boom . you are welcome. PS: it was really... Read More

What are the Top 6 guy trips? Take a guess.

New list: The top six "guy Trips". Guys love to hang and go places with their buds. Here is the list. 1) An Alaskan cruise (not sure why this is on the list) 2)A golf trip to Florida (I'm going on one to california next week...and I can't wait) 3) A road trip through Kentucky's "Bourbon Trail" 4)... Read More

Weekend Winners

Winners from the weekend: Jordan Spieth the big winner in the British Open. Lots of drama. "Dunkirk". Great movie. must see. Great story with lots of drama. All true. The Shark. Kinda. The fake shark beat MIchael Phelps. 100% stupid. Finally Jenifer Lopez has a bithday. She celebrated all weekend... Read More

Roasting: do you prefer the Hot or the Cold?

Are you a Hot person or a Cold weather fan. We did a survey this morning and found out it was Unanimous. Poeple would rather be hot than cold any day.Michelle loves the heat . People said they love getting outside-sweating off the pounds-swimming-biking etc. In the winter...well you got gloves and... Read More

Did you Hear What Garth Brooks did? Amazing!

Garth Brooks heard about a couple getting engaged at one of his being the smartest guy in the world...he asked them where they were going on their honeymoon.....They said they were not going anywhere because of money he decided to send them to Hawaii for their honeymoon... Read More

The best Summer drink for 2017. Amazing.

I found this at Costco. It is watermelon juice without the seeds. Nice play. Really refreshing after a 2 hour workout at the gym. Goes down easy. Hard to find....selling fast. Get all you can when you see it. trust me. Enjoy the hots days of memphis. love ron Read More

Note From General Manager sparks fire on Morning Show

It happened this morning. A note from our General Manager-Dan Barron. It's a spark that started a fire. Michelle and I both High fived really hard- so hard I hurt my hand. We love what we do every morning. It's a license to have fun. "A ray of sunshine from down the hall."..says Michelle. Read More


I heard the News yesterday. Zach Randolph is leaving for Sacremento. He was such a big part of Grit and Grind. Really gonna miss that guy. Clutch. Hustle. Caring. The Heart of that team. All good things must come to an end. A new Era has can't have a Rainbo ( or a zee bow) without a... Read More