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Is John Mayer Admitting That Katy Perry Is The One That Got Away?

John Mayer’s New Song Is About Katy Perry Props to him for admitting this because I feel like back in the day, John Mayer would NEVER do this. John Mayer misses Katy Perry, and is owning up to the fact that his new song, “Still Feel Like Your Man,” is about her! He said, “Who else would I be... Read More

Are You Excited To See The New Power Rangers Movie?

I don't know how to feel about the Power Rangers movie coming out this weekend. I was BEYOND a fan as a kid, and something in my gut tells me that this movie is going to be AWFUL. It's almost like they are trying too hard on everything, all the way down to the uniforms. Like hey, it's 2017 and the... Read More

Beyonce Fulfills Teenage Cancer Patient’s Last Wish

Beyonce Fulfills Teenage Cancer Patient’s Last Wish Beyonce made one girl’s last wish come true. Ebony Banks, a cancer patient who was diagnosed with a rare form of stage four cancer had one wish, and that was to see or meet her idol, Beyonce. A campaign was started by her family and friends and... Read More

Where Should We Honeymoon?

According to a new poll, the one place that most people want to visit before they die is... HAWAII! That's one of my top picks for a honeymoon! We are between so many places though and would love your input. Where should we go?! /**/ Read More

Justin Bieber Got A Memphis Tattoo?!

Justin Bieber Gets A Memphis Tattoo?! Justin Bieber is addicted to getting new ink! He shared pictures of his new tattoos. The first one is right underneath his pecks. It’s a HUGE picture of a bald eagle with it’s wings stretched out, and it’s right between his “Son of God” tattoo and the word “... Read More

Adele Scolds A Security Guard At Her Concert

Adele Scolds A Security Guard At Her Concert Adele is my hero! During her concert over the weekend, she told off a security guard for trying to make people in the crowd sit down! When you go to a concert, you want to dance and have fun! Listen to what happened below! (WARNING: BAD LANGUAGE) "if... Read More

Katy Perry Opens Up About Her Past

Katy Perry Did More Than Just Kiss A Girl Katy Perry knew that when she released her hit “I Kissed A Girl And I Liked It” back in 2008 that she was starting a big conversation. Well, she was at a Gala in Los Angeles to accept the National Equality award and admitted, “Truth be told, I did more than... Read More