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Jimmy Fallon Responds To College Student Rap Video For Internship

A college student in Washington submitted a rap video, which he edited and created to get Jimmy Fallon's attention. We' DID get his attention, and he got the internship he was hoping for. Jimmy responded on "The Tonight Show." Video of Jimmy Responds to College Student's Internship... Read More

People Are Saying "Shape Of You" Sounds Just Like TLC's "No Scrubs"

Twitter exploded saying Ed Sheeran's song "Shape Of You" sounds very simliar to TLC's 1999 hit "No Scubs." Ed Sheeran is embracing it, by adding the writers for "No Scrubs" to the song credits. Meaning, they will be paid every time it's played or performed live. Check out both songs below: Video of... Read More

Where to go for St. Patrick's Day Celebrations

You don't have to look far to find an Irish pub or bar or restaurant in the Memphis area. As we celebrate St. Patrick's Day this weekend, let's get a little luck of the Irish! Silky O'Sullivans 183 Beale St. Memphis Live Music, bagpipes- the original Irish pub in Memphis! Brass Door 152 Madison Ave... Read More

Dad Gets A Coded Message From His Son, Then Rushes To Help Him

A father received a text from his teenage son with the letter X, and he knew that was the secret code they had for each other that he needed him to come pick him up, and get out of an uncomfortable situation. He called his son and told him that he would be there in 5 minutes to pick him up. It's... Read More

Local Things To Do With The Kids This Week

Maybe you're like me, and surfing Facebook, and all you see are friends and family at the Beach, or Disney. If you're enjoying a nice staycation with the kids this week, you can have a great time. This picture was from when I took my son to the Bass Pro Pyramid. He had a BLAST! You can bowl, check... Read More

Win A Marc Gasol Grill Set

Being that I love to Grill, and I love the Grizzlies...this is the perfect combination. This Saturday, March 11th the Grizzlies are playing the Atlanta Hawks at 8pm. Be one of the first 4,000 fans to enter FedExForum, and you'll win a Marc Gasol Grill set. Great tickets still available HERE. Read More

Expecting Mom Reenacts "Giraffe Watch" And It's Hilarious

It's been all eyes on "April The Giraffe" for two weeks now, and this expecting Mom from South Carolina reenacts the video. Erin is 39 weeks pregnant, and has been obsessed with "April The Giraffe" so she decided to post this video. Little did she realize, that this video would go viral. I am... Read More