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Ron Olson

Ron Olson

Why are men afraid to approach women?

1)Not knowing how to start a conversation. They should teach this in school.
2) Not knowing how to talk to just one woman when she's with a group of friends. This is tough. You got to figure this one out on your own. Maybe throw something at her and say "great catch', That's my tip.
3) Being intimidated by her looks...This is also tough on a guy. You see someone that you think is way out of your league...and you know it...you say to yourself "I couldn't keep her happy"...then move on. But ask her if she likes guys that have low self esteem she might bite...

So that is why men are afraid to approach you. Try to make it easier on us. Maybe a smile or if you would buy a guy a drink...then you can have your way with us..and bat us around like a Cat Toy.

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10/02/2013 5:44AM
Why are men afraid to approach women?
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10/03/2013 9:31PM
Cocktail Napkin Gets Her Man
I once saw a handsome man at happy hour sitting with three other men. I was sitting with a woman friend at the bar. I so wanted to meet this man, but was intimidated. I tipped the waiter to take the man a napkin with a scribbled note which read, "There is an attractive blonde woman sitting at the bar who would like very much to meet you." Sixty seconds later all four men were standing in front of me and my girlfriend (we were both blondes) trying to find out who sent the note. The answer is: be creative! Nancy Nichols, author of Secrets of the Ultimate Husband Hunter. Website: www.godpleasefixme.com.
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