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Ron Olson

Ron Olson

Ultimate life experiences- I got a few

My ultimate life experiences: working in radio-getting married to an amazing woman-Birth of a daughter that rocks the house everyday-Hiking the Grand Canyon-hunting elephants ( kidding)

There is a list out of the top five.
1)Getting married in Vegas

2)swimming with sharks

3)surfing in hawaii

4)flying on a private jet

5) Dating a model

Fyi: number 10 on the list was having an affair...really. Think not
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Weird smells that are kinda nice. Do you have one?

Odd smells that you think are kind of nice.
Here is what comes to mind for me.


Fresh cut wood

Agave in teqiula

Hot sidewalks after a rain

Horse manure ( for some not me)

Skunks ( not too bad- good country smell )

and the number one weird smell that a lot of people really like is------------------Gasoline.
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Hooters girl gives a guy something Special

Not what you think. This is Amazing. A 72 year old guy in Georgia is a long time regular at a local Hooters, and recently told his 22 year old waitress that he needed a new kidney. So she offered to give him one of HERS. The surgery happened last friday,they're both doing fine.
What a great story.

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USA Today says Memphis is hot!

USA Today says that Memphis in May is the Number One southern event. #waytogo!
 It beat out Mardis Gras-The cherry blossom festival in DC-The Kentucky Derby-and South by Southwest. Just to name a few. Favorite. Number one. How about that? We already knew that. It's always nice when outsiders recognize our special month.
Now if would only stop raining. Hello June you got a long way to go to beat May.

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It's the Little things

It really is the little things that make you happy

Like: ron and Michelle on the radio everyday

A shower with great water pressure
Sleeping in your own bed after a trip
Fresh sheets
Hitting every green light
Getting a piece of food out of your teeth
Fresh Bread
A grizzlies win
A payday
and finally - using the bathroom when you really need to go.

Fridays feel pretty good too

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Who has the Best Burger in Memphis?

It's National Burger day! America loves them. So do I. In Memphis I love a bunch of different places. Huey's has always been a local favorite. Tops Bar B Q rocks the house with their burger. Simple-mustard-onion and it comes off a seasoned grill.  The Green Beetle downtown has an amazing burger...Great flavor and a really fresh bun. Dyers also is on any list. Old grease from 1945 and a simple clean taste. Instant yum. Houston's really blows the doors off their burgers too.

Those are a few. More on the tadio today at 7:25.
get a burger today.

much love

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Excessive wealth! great disgusting example

The son of a billionaire in China recently bought two new Apple Watches for his DOG, and posted photos  of  it wearing them on his two front paws.
Enjoy your day at the salt mine.
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What Smell do you love the Most. Is it on the list?

New list. I love lists. Not sure why but here is the newest and it has to do with Smells. Your favorite. What comes to mind?
1) Fresh baked Bread
3) Fresh cut grass

Worst smells
1) garbage cans
2) Drains (?)
3) Body odor

I love the smell of gas for some reason. The smell of anybody right out of the shower. Babys smell pretty good too. Clothes right out of the dryer.

What about you?

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West Memphis celebrates 35 years of What?

It seems like the construction in West Memphis is never ending. What is going on? Orange and white barrels all over the place. One lane down to no lanes. Bumps and bridges. Trucks and truck drivers everywhere. Please get the project finished. Focus. Letsgo. It is 2015. Somebody -anybody get a move on. ron

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Did you watch the Biggest shows of the season

The results are in! The top ten most popular Tv shows for the fall.

10)criminal minds
9)madame secretary
8)Dancing with the stars
7) NFL sunday pregame
6)NFL thursday night football
5) Empire
4)NCIS: New Orleans
2) The Big Bang theory
1) NFL Sunday night football

There seems to be a theme. sports and murder.

Ron and michelle number one radio show.

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