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What I did this weekend

Whew....what a busy weekend! There is something about the sunshine that makes me try to fit about a week's worth of activities into the weekend!

Friday night....we took advantage of the sunshine and went for a long bike ride! My quads are still feeling it, but it was totally worth it! Afterwards, we relaxed and I read some more of "Shanghai Girls" by Lisa See. It was really hard to put this one down and I can't wait to finish it! This book is set in Shanghai, where these two sisters lead a very priviledged life, until their dad (who has a gambling addiction), sells them as brides....on top of that, the Japanese invade. They barely escape Shanghai with their lives and begin a new live in Los Angeles with their arranged marriage husbands. Live in L.A. kind of sucks for them, as their father-in-law treats them like slaves and second class citizens....but they have each other....and a plan....Love this book!


Saturday- Got up to pull weeds in the garden....once again, my quads are not loving that action, but the garden looks lice and I think we are going to have tomatoes very soon! Yay! After we got cleaned up, we went to the Best Of Oregon Food & Wine Festival....Great food and wine! Plus, we enjoyed a nice, long chat with Rich, the winemaker at Viento. Rich has us convinced that we need to visit Hood River soon. We followed that up with dinner (and crazy old Mexican sci fi movies) @ Trebol. Yummy! I recommend the halibut w/ plantains!

Sunday - I have been wanting to see "Confessions Of A Shopaholic" for a while and it's finally out on DVD, so I popped that in and we all watched while enjoying some low fat ice cream sandwiches. The movie is really cute and the soundtrack is great. Isla Fischer plays Rebecca Bloomwood, who grows up with frugal parents and thinks that she can shop her way into the cool kids crowd. She ends up with 12 credit cards and a nasty shopping addiction. When she gets laid off from her gardening magazine job, she is willing to take whatever job she can get...which happens to be for a money magazine, where she gives money management advice, depsite the mess her finances are in. She spends a lot of the movie ducking debt collectors and responsibility before a crisis she can't avoid (and a very public humiliation) force her to realize that money cannot buy happiness and the best investment a person can make is in relationships with people we care about. It won't win any Oscars, but it is a cute movie with great clothes and an even better message! I had a chance a while ago to interview Joan Cusack (who plays Rebecca Bloomwood's mom) about the movie. You can check that out below!



06/29/2009 9:58AM
What I did this weekend
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