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Two Big Time TV Personalities Are Leaving!

Love bites. Vampire Diaries costars Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev have called it quits after dating for several years. The two actually kept their romance a secret during their early days as a couple at first. Nina Dobrev never wanted to date one of her co-stars. Well, that might just make things a bit awkward now!
Another couple that has been on the rocks? Rod Stewart and his wife Penny Lancaster! After six years of marriage, Rod Stewart is admitting that he and his wife are no strangers to the ups and downs of marriage. In fact, they broke up for two weeks after an argument. He did not say when the split happened. Although the two were able to ultimately patch things up and focus on keeping their marriage intact, Rod Stewart says the two-week break up made him reflect on his past relationships and love in general. Now his biggest relationship rule: Don’t argue after a glass of wine—leave debating until the morning,'"  haha!
The time has come for Amanda Bynes! Looks like she has been placed on three-years probation. Amanda Bynes pled no contest to driving on a suspended license in a Burbank, California courtroom yesterday. Amanda Bynes' lawyer, Rich Hutton, issued the plea on her behalf. In addition to being placed on probation, she was also fined $300. Amanda Bynes still faces charges from her April 2012 DUI arrest. Amanda Bynes entered a plea of "not guilty," and shortly after the incident she tweeted President Obama for help! HAHA!
Does Miley Cyrus have a sixth sense? She might! MIley Cyrus admits to witnessing some strange, paranormal activity at a London apartment she was renting during her 2009 European tour. She had to move after she and other family members, including her little sister, Noah, 13, saw and experienced some frightening things. Miley Cyrus said "One night, my little sister -- it sounds crazy to tell you -- but she was standing in the shower and all of a sudden, I hear her scream. I run in there and the water had somehow flipped to hot but it was still … It wasn’t like the water had just changed, the knob had turned but she hadn’t turned it and it was burning her. She was really red. I thought I had seen a little boy sitting on the sink watching me take a shower so I felt really freaked out," she said. "I was sitting there the next night and maybe I’m crazy, but I could have sworn I could see this little boy sitting there on the sink, kicking his feet." ODD!
It’s decision time for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West! With baby on the way they are breaking down a number of decisions that are causing fights between the two of them. Kanye West is set on raising the child in France while Kim would prefer Los Angeles, but after many visits to France Kim Kardashian might be warming up to the idea — with a few strings attached. She wants very own castle outside of Paris and they are on a search for a baby nurse who is willing to travel, and Kanye has had a nursery furnished in his Paris pad. This doesn’t sound like it’s going to end well…
Forget about the music being first for Pete Wentz! His biggest priority was saving himself from the emotional fallout caused by his divorce from Ashlee Simpson. The divorce left him in a seriously fragile state… to the point where he began abusing the prescription drugs Xanax and Klonopin. Pete Wentz says he felt like a loser and went from being the guy in Fall Out Boy to being the guy who hangs out all day. Plus, the pill-popping began to take its toll, leaving him increasingly paranoid. He was scared of everything and thought there were always people listening to him. He even had his house searched for bugs. CRAZY!
Well, it’s official! After 12 years at the judge's table Randy Jackson is leaving American Idol. He alerted his fans with a statement beginning with "Yo! Yo! Yo!," and followed by, "I am very proud of how we forever changed television and the music industry. It's been a life changing opportunity but I am looking forward to focusing on my company Dream Merchant 21 and other business ventures."  Fox TV has declined to comment. So Randy Jackson has jumped shipped. My question is now who is going to get FIRED?
And Randy Jackson isn’t the ONLY person leaving a television show! Alex Trebec has ALSO confirmed that after his Jeopardy! contract expires in 2016, he too will be leaving and not renewing his contract! Alex Trebec stated, "I'm not going to go on forever....There is a time for all things and my time may be coming." Alex Trebek has been hosting Jeopardy! since 1984! Want to hear the interesting part? Matt Lauer and Anderson Cooper have both been  rumored to be next in line for the hosting gig! Anderson Cooper. CAN YOU IMAGINE?

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05/10/2013 7:24AM
Two Big Time TV Personalities Are Leaving!
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