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FM100Memphis: RT @ChiliPeppers: On this day in 1999, the music video for “Scar Tissue” was released. Directed by Stéphane Sednaoui. https://t.co/uluh4CJi…

Ron Olson

Ron Olson

10 Things I Love about Memphis

Here is my List. This is just the first ten that come to my mind.

1) Memphis Grizzlies

2) Overton Square

3) Bass pro downtown+ homerun

4)Sears Crosstown renovation

5) Shelby Farms

6) The Orpheum

7) Memphis Zoo

8) Graceland

9) South Main

10) Jerry's sno cones

love ron olson

PS: I love fm1oo too.
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Free Taco Bell> Just mention Ron and Michelle

Taco Bell is celebrating Cinco De Mayo by giving out free Breakfast Tacos. From 7-11am.
Just pull up and say "I love ron and Michelle"..."and I want my free Breakfast taco".

Boom. the magic happens. Enjoy
today only.
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Zoo is amazing> Who wants to go?

The Memphis Zoo is amazing. No big surprise there. When was the last time you went? How much fun was it? How about this weekend? You can see all the new babies this saturday and maybe get a chance to feed a Giraffe. I like the plan.
Make sure you listen to ron and michelle every morning this week at 6:40 for your chance to win tickets.
I love the Gorilla. He is funny. And the Northwest Passage. And the tigers and the Griz.

Go Zoo. Be a good parent/
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So you want to be a Star?

Bass Pro shop is looking for you to star in a promotional video that will launch your career.

They will begin shooting May 11 - May 14. You will get paid.

Interested? then submitt a current photograph, hours ofavailability and contact information- to FilmingBassPro@gmail.com
No makeup or wardrobe provided.

Go for it.
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Things that make you feel Great

Maybe this list will brighten your day.

1) sleeping on clean sheets

2) Feeling the sun on your face

3) Hearing the magic words Thank You

4) Finding money

5) a Grizz playoff win

6) Having some time for yourself

7) Laughing at Ron and Michelle on fm100

8) Fresh baked bread

9) Feeling clean after a shower

10) The buzz after working out

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First World Problems. Must read. Are you stressing?

Here they are.

1) Not being able to fall asleep

2) Misplacing your keys

3) A traffic jam when you're already late

4) ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife 

5) losing an important document

6) Can't find a parking space

7) The printer doesn't work

8) Out of toilet paper when you are sitting down
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Garth Brooks: 5 tips on raising daughters

I love this list. He has three daughters that are grown and gone.

1)Always be on call. Because sure enough, something will happen

2) Let them fail. You can't succeed if you don't know what losing is.

3) Put them to work. Have them wait tables. Once you've waited on people and cleaned toilets, it makes you very mindful of how you treat others.

4) Test their dates right way. Have her driving at 16...and then make sure she drives on the first date. That way, if something goes wrong , she can come home.

5) Always set consequences. If the grades drop, the cell phones get taken away

PS: always let the mom do all the punishing. That's my tip.


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Thank You notes to Memphis

Dear creator of the Pillsbury dough boy,

Thanks for creating the little guy who has been my non working out inspiration for years.

Dear Coach Calipari,
Thanks for nothing. I hope you lose by one point this weekend and cry great big blue alligator tears.

Dear Internet,

Thanks for the receipe for Boozy Jello Egg Shots just in time for me and the Bunny.

Dear Full house reunion people,
Thanks for making Michelle jump for joy today. PS: I can't think of anything worse.

Dear police department,
Thanks for all you do. everyday and everynight. Sometimes we forget your daily danger.

Dear downtown,
Thanks for hosting the St.Louis Cardinals and the redbirds and The Griz and the OKC Thunder and thanks for the Easter Brunch at the peabody...downtown making us proud.
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Annoying Phrases you should stop using at work

1) "at the end of the day"

2) "Back to the drawing board"

3) "Hit the ground running"

4)"think outside the box"

5) " you are pathetic"

6) "stop stealing my accounts"

7) " it's a no brainer"

8) "box your stuff up and hit the highway"





I've got a lot of stuff on my plate"

8)"winner winner chicken dinner"

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Six things you should buy at Costco

1) laundry detergent- Kirkland signature.It tests well.

2) Bacon: good and delicious. Great bargain 

3)Mayonnaise. Just as good as Hellman's .60% less than Hellman's.

4)Batteries. Buy in bulk.

5)organic chicken stock. cheaper and tasty > Oh boy.

6) pork chops. nobody does them better....

love ron 
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