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Chris Michaels

Top things your spouse doens't want you to do

We all know things that drive our spouses crazy...but here is a list of the Top things that will drive your spouse crazy:
  1. Checking Your Phone - Don't do this...this will create trust issues in your relationship.
  2. The Open-Door Bathroom Policy - Needs no exclamation
  3. Secret Money - It's one thing to have a few 20's in your wallet incase you come across something cool. It's another to have a secret bank account with Hundreds or thousands of dollars in it.
  4. Following Your Ex - Might not want to follow your Ex on Twitter or Facebook if you want a healthy relationship.
  5. Remote Controlness - We've all been guilty of this one. Did you know that some couples actually fight over the remote more than money? Just DVR your favorite shows and share the remote.

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01/15/2013 4:48PM
Top things your spouse doens't want you to do
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01/16/2013 3:45PM
Couples in Crisis
I know a couple where all these things are issues. What do you suppose that means? --Penny Tucker
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