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Chris Michaels

Top Lies Caught On A Resume

Is everything on your resume 100% honest?  Or do you maybe have a white lie . . . like saying you were a VP when you were really a manager?  

CareerBuilder.com asked employers if they'd ever caught someone lying on a resume . . . and 58% said YES.
And the seven most common lies people tell are:  Embellishing their skill set . . . exaggerating their responsibilities . . . fudging employment dates . . . and making up a job title, academic degree, company you worked for, or awards you got.
So the big question is . . . is it worth the risk to lie?
93% of employers say if they see a lie, it automatically makes them reject the person . . . but 7% ARE willing to overlook a lie if they really like the person. 

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08/13/2014 5:17PM
Top Lies Caught On A Resume
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