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Sheryl Stewart


This is how you know you are dating a loser!

His name is Jon Gosselin.

Haha! Seriously though, before I met Patrick, I dated a few losers and I'll bet you have, too! This article does a great job of identifying the big red flags o' loser-ness! I'll bet you recognize a few exes in this. I did. If you recognize your current man (or woman)...RUN to dump them! Life is too short for losers!

*thanks to thefrisky.com for the article*

He Hates Whatever You Want To Do, But Doesn’t Have Anything Better: He complains about you dragging him out to a party, a store, anything that makes you happy. But what would he be doing if you didn’t make the plans?

Your Friends Don’t Like Him, And You Don’t Like His Friends: If you’ve banned his BFF from ever stepping foot in your house again, that’s a sign. But really, the writing on the wall is when the people you like to surround yourself with don’t like him.

He Lies All The Time, But He’s Still Not Good At It: You watch him bold-face lie to his friends and family and you know he does it to you too. What’s the point of having people into your life if you don’t want them to trust you?

He’s A Freeloader: Cheapskates are bad, freeloaders are worse. You know he could contribute, but he’s selfish and has an out-of-wack sense of entitlement.

Fashion (Non)Sense: His style is dumb and his clothes are always dirty. He doesn’t take care of himself. Plus, he acts like a child anytime he has to dress up and will avoid it at all costs.

He Won’t Try New Things: We’re all creatures of habit, but this guy just isn’t up for anything new. Heck, he’s probs been doing the same things since puberty.

He Corrects You A Lot: In private, in public, he doesn’t care. He thinks you’re wrong, all the time.

He Doesn’t Take Criticism: It’s funny, as much as he likes to dish it, he can’t take it. He thinks he’s perfect.

He Makes Fun Of Successful People: He never likes someone who is doing well ‘cause he’s jealous, obvi. Whether he’s dissing someone on TV or your new business contact, he just thinks no one is as cool as him.

Mother Dearest: His mother does his laundry or something else super crazy, and yet, he still rolls his eyes at her and treats her like she’s incompetent. Or worse yet, worships her to the point of hiding behind her and her arguments.

His Coworkers Hate Him: He can’t hold down a job and when he gets fired, no one cares.

He Points Out Hot Chicks Constantly: He talks to you like you’re his guy friend, but you’re not. Sure, you can appreciate that there are good-looking ladies other than you out there. But he should shut his damn mouth.


08/25/2009 12:52PM
This is how you know you are dating a loser!
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