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This Man Doesn't Want XL Girls To Wear His Store's Clothes

Have you ever wondered why you can't find any pants bigger than a size 10 at Abercrombie & Fitch? It's probably because this man, Mike Jeffries, doesn't want girls bigger than a size 10 to wear them. He is A&F's big boss and he told Salon magazine: “It’s (image is) almost everything. That’s why we hire good-looking people in our stores. Because good-looking people attract other good-looking people, and we want to market to cool, good-looking people. We don’t market to anyone other than that,” 
Jeffries also told Salon that he wasn’t bothered by excluding larger people. He said, “In every school there are the cool and popular kids, and then there are the not-so-cool kids. Candidly, we go after the cool kids. We go after the attractive all-American kid with a great attitude and a lot of friends. A lot of people don’t belong [in our clothes], and they can’t belong. Are we exclusionary? Absolutely. Those companies that are in trouble are trying to target everybody: young, old, fat, skinny. But then you become totally vanilla. You don’t alienate anybody, but you don’t excite anybody, either."
Wow. He not only admits it.....he's proud of it. BTW.....he has said in other places that he only wants people aged 18-22 to wear A&F clothes. He is 68. Is he a HUGE hypocrite or just being honest? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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05/08/2013 3:28PM
This Man Doesn't Want XL Girls To Wear His Store's Clothes
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05/08/2013 4:17PM
he needs to go on who's the boss and get a reality check.I think his clothes are ugly anyway. even if i was a size 10 i would'nt ware them
05/08/2013 4:23PM
He is but ugly... Since the other word is considered a bad word.
05/08/2013 4:24PM
Paige Armstrong
For one, not all skinny girls are cool in high school...I'm a nineteen year old college girl, in skinny, pretty, and have a future planned for my self, but I was not so called "cool" until college because I was poor. I'd like to say that this statement is absolutely ridiculous. Attractive people who have bad attitudes and hateful words are not beautiful. This man is 68 and he should have figured that out by now. Your exclusion is called prejudice. I don't feel worse for this man than I do the people who are hurt by this because he is tainted by prejudice attitude. Attitudes/messages like this are why teen girls starve themselves and/ or kill themselves. So called professionals tell them that they have to be skinny and perfect. This man is a leader, a professional, and a role model. He should know better. Adding to the superficial image of "beautiful" in America by his prejudice message is outrageous and sicking. Beautiful come from within, it comes from God, and it is by no means a product designed by a 68 year old Man. BTW, according to his own attitude...he shouldn't be wearing his own clothes.
05/08/2013 4:29PM
abercrombie & idiot
The All-American kid with lots of friends...is the A&F target market...consider pkease that the "lots of friends".. odds are that these people are going to come in all shapes and sizes! It took this guy 68 years to achieve his level of shallowness and absurdity. Thank God there is only ONE of him. Embrace diversity! Point to fools like this guy. Point at him and laugh. ;)
05/08/2013 4:32PM
has he looked in a mirror!
wow, that man is nasty looking! talk about trying to hold on to your youth dude, you look horrible and fake as F*&$! wearing your own line of clothes and then saying you dont want anyone over 22 wearing them is down right funny! people in glass houses shouldnt throw stones...... you are gross to the core.
05/08/2013 4:38PM
fatty mcfatterson
Im a size 20. I will just go buy 2 pairs of size 10's & sew them together & proudly flaunt A&F logo all over my fat a$$!!
05/08/2013 4:52PM
Get a life!
I took my daughter in there one time and that's all it took for me to realize they only serve cute tiny people. They wouldn't give us the time of day and my daughter is beautiful, just a little chunky. Literally, we could not get helped by anyone. I wish people would boycott his business as this behavior is ridiculous.
05/08/2013 5:04PM
Vote With Your $$Dollar$$
He has the right to run his business any way he chooses. We all have the right to spend or NOT SPEND our money there. If you don't agree with this business plan don't spend money there. Teach your kids the value of the dollar and that the logo on your pocket isn't worth the extra cost. He only stays in business because people keep giving him money by buying his clothes.
05/08/2013 5:15PM
Interesting coming from such an ugly person! Hmmm
05/08/2013 5:16PM
I think hes a total a$$ and I and everyone i know will now boycott the store !
05/08/2013 5:19PM
He has to be one of the most unattracive people I have ever seen in my life number one. Number two, your clothes are not "cool" they are over priced shitty clothes that fall apart. He is pathetic.
05/08/2013 5:50PM
what do his employees thinks
I am thinking if his employees had a clue and were decent human beings they would quit and new people would refuse to work for him.
05/08/2013 6:22PM
This man is not attractive in any way....by his own standards he would not market to himself. SMH He most likely only wants women no older than 35 either....so very shallow.
05/08/2013 6:25PM
Personally, I think attractiveness has more to do with personality than the clothes you wear. My husband isn't the most "sexy" man on earth, however, the way he presents himself, his attitude, intelligence, his generosity and his loyalty make him the most attractive man I have ever met. That said, I understand who you want to market to Mr. Jeffries. The cool kids, the jocks, whatever. Just know that in 20 years, those people will probably be working for me and my husband and will not be able to afford your brands clothes.
05/08/2013 6:28PM
wont buy them for my kid
They are to sluty if you ask me. Won't even go in there to look. And he's fugly. Just sayin.
05/08/2013 6:34PM
Won't be buying there ever agsin
05/08/2013 6:46PM
No more
I buy for family and friends, but reading this my purchasing stops now, you are a very sad person, shallow, there are not words to describe you .
05/08/2013 6:51PM
Just the Good Looking People?
Seriously that would eliminate Mr. Jeffries, who is very "odd" looking for a man.
05/08/2013 6:57PM
who cares!
Lane Bryant is for plus size... Big &Tall for fat tall ppl. Seriously, its ok to have a target customer.
05/08/2013 7:00PM
never again...
I'm 41..and have a couple tops and shorts from you, which i am now donating to salvation army..which i hope some jacked up looking person buys it....never buying from you again or for gifting.....btw, enough with the plastic surgery, your head is awesomely huge compared to the rest of your body....
05/08/2013 7:05PM
Dude! Have you looked at yourself?
I guess he can't wear his own clothes! Cuz he is UGLY!
05/08/2013 7:19PM
Its his company, he does what he wants, if people don't like it they can shop somewhere else.
05/08/2013 7:24PM
He is prejudiced and yet but ugly! He needs to take a look in the mirror, and if any women under 35 are with him it is only for the money, that must feel great knowing that. Nasty old guy looks like he belongs in that old Chevy Chase movie Nothing But Trouble, playing Dan Akroyd's role as the judge.
05/08/2013 7:31PM
I am a 39 year old size 12 woman and I could care less about their clothes, but I think what he is doing is good business sense. It is about supply and demand and if you limit supply demand goes up. We as a society need to quit thinking that everythingneeds to apply to everyone. It just doesn't.
05/08/2013 7:58PM
Wow what an idiot!! Has he looked in the mirror? He looks like a cracked out Gary Busey and that's being mean to Gary!!!
05/08/2013 8:09PM
1) WHO is this guy?? My 1st thought seeing his picture. 2) He only hires good looking people, to attract other good looking people? Okay. Why didn't he hire a model to pose as HIM, because HE'S B*TT UGLY. 3) I agree with other commentersthat I wouldn't shop there anyway.
05/08/2013 8:09PM
1) WHO is this guy?? My 1st thought seeing his picture. 2) He only hires good looking people, to attract other good looking people? Okay. Why didn't he hire a model to pose as HIM, because HE'S B*TT UGLY. 3) I agree with other commentersthat I wouldn't shop there anyway.
05/08/2013 8:26PM
Really ?
Well when I first glanced at his pic I thought it was my ex. He is gay by the way. This guy looks gay. Needs to dye his hair one color. And yes he is prejudice. To the person who quoted : He has the right to run his business any way he chooses". This gets way off the subject at hand. If he has the right to run his business the way he chooses, then we as a nation have the right to pray in schools if we choose, pray on the side walk if we choose, pray at graduations if we choose, have cross memorials if we choose, have " IN GOD WE TRUST " printed on our currency. Talk about freedom to do what we please. Give me a break.
05/08/2013 8:34PM
I wonder...
...how he lives with himself and manages to sleep at night. Must be great to be jury and judge of what's appropriate in the clothing business. His momma must be dang proud of him...NOT!
05/08/2013 8:53PM
I have never been more entertained by reading the comments....
05/08/2013 8:55PM
of opening a store called "Flabercrombie And B@#**"!
05/08/2013 9:11PM
05/08/2013 9:12PM
05/08/2013 9:30PM
what the f's up with his face??
05/08/2013 9:34PM
What ever
Any one remember the movie mask? I think we found Rocky's dad.
05/08/2013 9:42PM
Has he looked at himself???
Wow he is an ugly person on the inside too!!! He needs to get another plastic surgeon, because wow that face of his is very freaky!!! The nerve of that guy!!!
05/08/2013 9:50PM
He is ridiculous!
I am 64 - happily! fairly attractive and wear size 2 -4. He is 68, ugly and ignorant--you can't fix that! Besides not ever going into his store again, I, as an intelligent, mature woman, wouldn't touch that with a 10 foot pole!
05/08/2013 10:49PM
For a not attractive looking, older than his required age range... He shouldn't talk. I'd fire him if I were on the board!
05/09/2013 8:28AM
ITM Test
This is a test
05/09/2013 3:25PM
From Wiki:
In October 2012, Bloomberg News first reported on Jeffries' unusual requirements for cabin crew on Abercrombie's Gulfstream G-V jet. The male models who work as stewards aboard the company jet are required to wear Abercrombie branded polos, jeans, boxer-briefs and flip-flops as part of their uniform, as well as a "spritz" of cologne. The information came to light as a result of a lawsuit that claimed Jeffries fired his pilot in order to replace him with a younger man. Male house staff for Jeffries, paid for by the Jeffries Family Office, is provided by the same modeling firm that supplies male staff for the company jet.
05/09/2013 11:26PM
He admits he hires ONLY good looking people..is that not discrimination?????? Does not matter if they are rude and more worried about their looks then waiting on a customer. I have never bought the clothes as they are slutty and target young girls to wear things they should not and their catalogs are about pornographic!!!!
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