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Chris Michaels

Top 10 Reasons Your Getting A Bad Nights Sleep

Having a hard time getting a good nights sleep? Below are the Top 10 Reasons:

1. Your partner snores
2. Your partner tosses and turns
3. You're worried about various things
4. It's too hot or too cold
5.You're stressed about work
6. You know you have to be up early
7. The bed is uncomfortable
8. There are noises outside
9. Your kids wake you up
10. Your joints and muscles ache
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Is This The Luckiest "Wheel Of Fortune" Winner Ever?

She is probably the luckiest contestant on "Wheel Of Fortune" 

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Taylor Swift's Mom Gives An Emotional Speech

Taylor Swift recieved a Milestone Award at the ACM's last night. Her mother presented the award and it was a GREAT speech. If you missed it, enjoy this video. 

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The Six Ways People Use Their Tax Refund

The average Tax Refund this year is $2,816.

1. 33% will spend it on a vacation

2. 32% will put it into savings.

3. 31% will pay off debt.

4. 2% will put it towards buying a home.

5. 1% will spend it on a shopping spree.

6. 1% will spend it on their kids. 





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Fan ATTACKS Adam Levine On Stage!

She definitely caught him off guard! Watch this fan charge the stage during the middle of Maroon 5's show.

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I've Watched This 5 Times...So Funny!

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Woman Says She Saw A UFO In Olive Branch...Watch The Video HERE!

A Woman in Olive Branch claims that she saw a UFO last night after midnight. She said it was about the length of a Football Field. It hovered around quietly, then took off straight up into the sky and disappeared. 

Watch the video that she recorded below:

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Lead Actor For 50 Shades Of Grey Walks Away From Following Sequels

There are reports that the lead actor who plays Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) is walking away from the next two Sequels after his wife admits "discomfort" with raunchy scenes. 

The story here HERE. 
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Flower Girl and Ring Bearer Gets Married 20 Years Later

A Flower Girl and Ring Bearer from a wedding in 1995 walked down the aisle again 20 years later...this time to get married. 
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The Chinese Law Of Abundance Check

This is an old method of guaranteeing financial prosperity in The New Year. 

Here's How The Chinese Law Of Abundance Check Works:
  • Take A Blank Check between now and the first NEW MOON. (The first New Moon is January 20th.) 
  • Do Not Date The Check
  • Make The Check Out To Yourself
  • Leave The Dollar Box and Line Blank. You don't want to limit how much money could be coming to you. 
  • Sign the check "Law Of Abundance"
  • Keep the check with you at all times of the new year
If you do this before the first NEW MOON, you'll come into financial prosperity at some point in 2015. 
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