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The Most Trustworthy Celebrity Is...

This makes me so happy! A new list by Forbes is out that ranks the most trustworthy celebrities, and guess who is number 1? How about TOM HANKS! That’s right, Tom Hanks is the most trustworthy celebrity in Hollywood. For its E-Score Celebrity service, E-Poll Research ranks more than 6,600 bold-faced names on 46 attributes through public opinion polling. Tom Hanks’ trustworthy score is 25 and his appeal is 81, putting him ahead of all other celebrities. Only a few people know how trustworthy Tom Hanks is in real life. What people trust is his image. In film after film Tom Hanks has reinforced his persona of the nice, dependable guy. Morgan Freeman ranks third this year. Sandwiched in between Morgan Freeman and Tom Hanks… Carol Burnett! Michael J. Fox ranked fourth and rounding out the top five is Betty White. At the age of 92 she is still heavily loved and shows no signs of slowing down. But Tom Hanks is number one and I think we all can agree with that
Well this is making a statement! Tori Spelling was seen out with her husband Dean McDermott for the first time since he voluntarily entered rehab in late January to address "health and personal issues."Dean McDermott was spotted grabbing coffee for himself and Tori Spelling while spending the day together after SHE visited him in rehab! Looks like Tori Spelling is officially standing by her man during his times of struggle! I think it’s safe to say that this outing was an attempt to reconnect after Dean McDermott reportedly admitted to cheating on Tori Spelling with five other women over the course of two years! She still has yet to comment on the scandal that has hit the family hard, but this reunion screams that she's prepared to save her marriage! She’s a better woman than me!
Looks like Bruce Jenner is NOT changing his identity afterall. Instead, he’s just going through a mid-life crisis and is addicted to plastic surgery! This is all according to sources close to the Kardashian family and Jenner sons. They say it isn’t a gender reassignment but that Bruce Jenner is changing his look because of his "Michael Jackson_-like obsession with plastic surgery."  Yesterday I reported that Bruce Jenner was just obsessed with his looks. Well, turns out he is struggling to regain his youth.  Think about it. Bruce Jenner has moved to Malibu, grown his hair long and had a ponytail for a long time, drives a Harley, and has changed his nose and neck. I mean, he was super manly! He was an Olympian for crying out loud! Don’t let the hate destroy you!
Has Leonardo DiCaprio finally won the Oscar that he deserves? Let’s backtrack shall we? On Monday night, CNN did a segment on how the Academy Award trophies are made, and they made the mistake of showing Leonardo DiCaprio’s golden engraved nameplate. After the segment aired, the internet went WILD! Everyone thought they had dropped the ball. But, there’s an explanation! As much as we all want that nameplate to be a true spoiler, that isn't the case. The final voting for the Academy Awards doesn't even close until February 25th! As to why there was already a nameplate done up for the actor, well in preparation for the night, the Academy will create 197 nameplates, one for each nominee in every category. The engraving will include the nominee’s name, category, film title and year. After the winners have been announced, the unused nameplates will be recycled. So there you go, they are just preparing!
Time to squash the rumors… and Eva Mendes says she knows EXACTLY why people think that she might be expecting a baby with her longtime boyfriend Ryan Gosling. She said,  "It all started because I didn't want to go through the scanners at the airport. You know, those X-ray scanners, which are really creepy. They basically see you naked, right? And not only that, but there's a radiation aspect to it, so I always opt out. I always ask for a personal pat-down. I don't mean in person, I meant in private because they can take you. Ladies, I want you to know that they can take you in private, they can take you into an area." Eva Mendes says that her request for privacy is nothing new and that she never goes through airport scanners. Because of that, some people may have falsely assumed that she was pregnant. So there you go! Eva Mendes even confirmed how she would be spending Valentines Day, and it’s not with boyfriend Ryan Gosling. Instead, she will be alone enjoying a giant carb fest and a good cry, joking that she’ll watch The Notebook, one of her boyfriend’s infamous movies! RIGHT! LIKE EVA MENDES EATS CARBS!
Call it a comeback, because that’s exactly what Paula Deen is trying to do! Her new company, Paula Deen Ventures, has received an investment between $75 million and $100 million from Najafi Cos. The Arizona-based private-equity company led by Jahm Najafi, who owns the Book-of-the-Month Club and BMG Music Service, hopes to help Paula Deen get new deals and break away from her current business model. The chief executive of Deen Ventures is in talks with possible partners, and the Food Network is not one of them. In case you forgot, Paula Deen was dropped by the Food Network and many of her sponsors last June after she admitted to using a racial slur even though she apologized. Maybe this is her opportunity to grow again!

Normally, music makes people come together! Well, that’s not the case for Madonna! More specifically, Madonna’s very own music makes her crawl! She said,"I hate my music!" The statement was made after she was asked about the best Madonna song for working out. Her reply shocked everyone when she said, "I'm sick of it – like turn it off!" Of course Madonna was exaggerating, she clarified that even though she loves her work, she's grown weary of hearing it play over and over again. Given her more than 30 years in the business and constantly evolving lifestyle, can you blame her?

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02/13/2014 8:46AM
The Most Trustworthy Celebrity Is...
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