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FM100Memphis: RT @Meghan_Trainor: Chillest thanksgiving ever with my immediate family @jeweloftheisle garytrainor #JTrain… https://t.co/PPBANd8Ej8

Make That Piano Sing!

Animals are fascinated by the most random things!

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What if You Threw a Press Conference and No One Came?

Blaine Gabbert is the current starting quarterback for the San Francisco 49'ers.

And he's been doing okay since replacing the struggling Colin Kaepernick.

He showed up to a press conference yesterday.

And he was the only one to show up.

He handled it well. Read the tweeted progression from Mindi Bach, a sportswriter from the Bay Area.
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Wonder Where Your Neighbors Went for Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is one of the biggest travel times of the year.

People go amazing distances to be with their friends and family to celebrate and break turkey.

The folks at The New York Times put together a pretty interesting graphic presentation to show the heavily traveled air routes.

Check it out - and see if you can figure out where your neighbors are right now

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Thanksgiving is Saved

Thanksgiving is a time for family gatherings.

And when family gathers, sometimes things can get a little heated.

Well, now that can be fixed.

If the conversation around the carved turkey takes a turn for the worse, just plug in a little Adele singing "Hello," and all with be well.

Funny bit from Saturday Night Live last weekend... Check it out!

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Well This Is Impressive!

I wish I was a dog and could do this!

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Your Dancing With The Stars Winner Is...

Congratulations to Bindi Irwin! She and her partner Derek Hough won this season of Dancing With The Stars! She was unbelievable this season and deserved it!

Make those memories into new ones! As she works toward finalizing her divorce from her estranged husband, Ryan Sweeting, Kaley Cuoco is proving that she's ready to move on by covering up her Roman numeral wedding date tattoo! Kaley Cuoco posted a photo of herself in the tattoo parlor chair on Instagram with the caption, "Thank you @nero_sct @studiocitytattoo for helping me right my wrongs.. note to self- do not mark your body with any future wedding dates #under30mistakes #donttakeyourselftooseriouslykids." Ouch, clearly that relationship ended badly. Now the tattoo is a giant moth.

What's going on with Justin Bieber? He canceled his Thanksgiving Day Parade performance and his appearance on the "Late Show" with Stephen Colbert. Justin Bieber tweeted, "My apologies to @colbertlateshow as I won't be able to make it to nyc tomorrow for the show. I look forward to making it up to you soon… Thank you for the understanding as sometimes life kicks our ass and we need to deal with it. I will see u soon. Thank you." I'm hearing that Justin Bieber is struggling with personal issues and also feels very run down. Sometimes we all need a break from life!

The verdict is in for John Stamos after he was pulled over and arrested for a DUI. He pled no contest and under the plea deal, John Stamos was placed on 3 years probation and must complete 52 AA meetings in the next year. He also has to get 2 hours of drug and alcohol counseling. John Stamos did check into rehab shortly after his arrest for 30 days.

Is this a new friendship trio? If so I'm love it! Adele went out to dinner with Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone Monday night in NYC at a Mexican restaurant and Adele got the meal for free! Apparently when the bill came, Adele was told that her money wasn't go there and Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence split the bill! Duck carnitas and blue shrimp for free? YUMMY! That's a great way for Adele to celebrate her #1 album! This squad may just be cooler than Taylor Swift's!

Speaking of Adele, it's official! Adele is on top! She now holds the title for most U.S. albums sold in a single week! Her third album, 25 sold 2.43 million albums sold in three days! That means she officially beat *NSYNC's 15 year record when their album No Strings Attached sold 2.41 million albums! Hey, records are made to be broken, right? What's even crazier is that Adele still has three days to break their record, so she's going to make the record harder to beat!

People are still talking about that kiss between Charlie Puth and Meghan Trainor durig the American Music Awards on Sunday! So, was it real or staged? Charlie Puth is speaking up, saying there's nothing romantic between them. He explained, "We're best friends! That's another person I can relate to and I ask for advice with everything. We're really great friends and that's never going to change." As for the kiss, it was Meghan Trainor's idea! Smart girl!
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Burying the Star Wars Hatchet

Jimmy Kimmel Live has a long-standing running gag suggesting that Harrison Ford is feuding with Chewbacca from the Star Wars franchise.

Something to do with a woman - "a long time ago... in a galaxy far, far away," says Jimmy.

Last night, it looks like a near tragedy managed to bring the two old friends together.

Thank you, Jimmy Kimmel!

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More Patriots Controversy

It seems like the New England Patriots are magnets for controversy.

The whole Deflategate thing is finally winding down, but now the 10 & 0 Pats have another tempest brewing.

At least this one isn't about them. It happened to them.

They're calling it Whistlegate.

During Monday's game between the Patriots and the Buffalo Bills, a referee blew a whistle that ended a play that looked like it might have resulted in a Patriots touchdown. After a huddle of about 15 minutes (okay, that's an exaggeration), the refs announced that the whistle had been "inadvertent."

And the football world goes mad! At least this will give folks something to chew on for the rest of the season, right?
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Hello, Miss Piggy

Adele has taken over the entertainment world as the year closes out.

She was on Saturday Night Live this weekend, she pulled that prank with Adele impersonators on the BBC, and her song "Hello" is doing phenomenally well.

So well, it's leap-frogging over anything Taylor Swift did in 2015 as the most-parodied video of the year.

Look who's taking a swipe at it now.

Miss Piggy, in a bold-faced promotional move for The Muppets on ABC.

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"A New Classic for a New Generation"

There's been a lot of buzz surrounding Creed, aka Rocky VII.

In this one, the son of Apollo Creed turns to Rocky Balboa to manage him as a boxer.

Sort of putting Rocky in the Mickey spot.

And putting Sylvester Stallone back in the spotlight after a pretty good stretch out of it.

They're marketing this as your Thanksgiving movie.

Might not be a bad idea to plan to see it. Sure beats Black Friday shopping...

See why critics are calling #CREED "an absolute knockout." 7pm screenings Tuesday, everywhere Wednesday: http://bit.ly/creedtix

Posted by Creed on Monday, November 23, 2015
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