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Posts from January 2013

Seatbelts don't always save lives!
So you think seat belts save lives,huh? Seat belts just killed a 40 year old man in Texas. He was a worker at a seat belt manufacturing plant, and on monday morning, he fell into a seat belt press that crushed him and killed him. Sorry for the downer news story today. Be careful and use your seat belt. love ron
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Dog kills man . The dog was driving. What?
It sounds crazy ! A gut in Florida was killed when his dog jumped into the car,accidentally pushed the accelerator, and ran him over.

Ob saturday a 51 year old woman in washington got into a fight with her 51 year old boyfriend inside their mobile home. And she ended pinning him down...and SUFFOCATING him with her breasts. They guy died. What a way to go.
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