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The Twinkie might be saved! must read now.
Wal-Mart might buy Hostess, the maker of the Twinkie. Keep your snack fingers crossed today.
A cop pulled over a 25 yeard old guy near Dallas,Texaqs recently...for having an expired registration. And the guy explained that her didn't have an excuse...he just couldn't afford to update it. The cop handed him a ticket anyway...but inside was a $100 bill that allowed him to register both his and his wife's car. Merry Christmas.
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Things not to smuggle today
Yesterday, authorities in Spain busted a woman who cane into the country from Colombia with THREE POUNDS OF COCAINE hidden in her new Breast Implants. They were suspicious because it was clear she'd just had fresh surgery. She was sent to the hospital, where they found the implants were made out of coke. She went to jail.

Back in October of 2010, a guy in Colorado stole a bottle of vodka from a liquor stoe, and the owner shot him in the jaw. And now...the shoplifter is SUING the owner. He said the owner was negligent and reckless and he's seeking a t least $1000,000.   
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12-12-12 coming soon. What a story
In two days it'll be December 12th,2012 or 12/12/12. And there's a kid in Alabama who was born on December 12th,2000 at 12:12 pm...which means he'll turn 12 at 12:12 on 12/12/12. Hope you are into numbers.
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What does North Korea Believe?
North Korea is pushing science forward where others have failed. Now they say they've discovered evidence that UNICORNS are real. But they haven't found a living one yet. Ok thanks for that North Korea.

Last sunday in Indiana, an 18 year old was about to eat some thanksgiving leftovers...when he found his mother's 35 year oldboyfriend had already finished them off. And his response was to STAB THE BOYFRIEND. So he picked up a kitchen knife and went crazy. Who hasn't done that? Only he got caught.
Lady is georgia found a nose ring in her Burrito. Nuff said. See photo on facebook. Yuk.
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