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Posts from October 2012

Today's Screwy news: woman breaks record.
A woman set the world record by pumping 86 gallons of breat milk. Good news. She used it to help premature babies. That's a lot of pumping. Holy Mcgoalie.

In august, a judge in Massachusetts ordered a 49 yearold fireman to repair his ex-wife's hair dryer as part of a divorce settlement. He did, and texted his wife to tell her to test it out...and it exploded. They guy was arrested for booby trapping the dryer. He pleaded not guilty.

Two thirds of americans would vote for abe Lincoln if he were alive and running for office. Winston Churchhill was second...Alexander the great was third. Love Alexander calling himself ..."The Great"..what an attitude he must have had.
Police were booking a guy on charges of assault...and found part of the victim's ear in his pocket. Guilty yer honor.
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Bank robber: as dumb as they come
Monday a 28 year old guy robbed a bank in New York. He demanded $20,000 from the teller. He took off and when he counted the money...she shorted him a ton. So what did Einstein do? He went back to the bank for more. The cops were still there. He was arrested. End of story.
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How to get fired at Arby's and more
How do you get fired at Arby's? An Arby's in Ohio fired a manager for running away from an Armed robber...she explains "I'm not going to die in Arby's". What would you do? She was the only person in the store.

The new Billy Ray Cyrus album comes out today. I'm buying four copies. I need a new set of coasters.

A naked man on PCP tries tocarjack a driver, then bites off his own finger and swallows it. Here's a tip: People stay away from PCP.

A woman claims she was kidnapped by a drug dealer...turns out she just wanted a Dayoff work.

More details today at 8:10 on screwy news. 
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Locations: Ohio
People: Billy Ray Cyrus

Don't spike your teachers coffee
In North Carolina, a high school student is being investigated for apparently spiking his 61 year old teachers coffee with a BUTT ENHANCEMENT DRUG, The student put an herbal supplement called GluteBoost in her coffee. Police were called. Never leave an open cup of coffee around students of any age. You are asking for it. Don't give them a chance to get you.

Police in Memphis pull over a truck with 'METH LAB" written on the back window. Check out our facebook page to see photo.

Mila Kunis- sexiest woman of the year? what do you think. Odd fact about Mila...one eye brown..one eye blue.

Survey says: Burger king has the slowest and least accurate drive thrus...but they do a good job hiding their dumpsters.

ShocK; Starbucks is running out of Pumpkin Latte.. 
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