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Posts from August 2012

A Lucky Man and a party gets out of hand
Think gas is expensive here? try this on for size. In Norway Gas is $10.12 a gallon.Turkey $9.14 a gallon.

A new survey says...it's easier to raise girls than boys! I agree

Lucky Man; Last week a man in Massachusetts asked a gas station clerk for a $5 scratch off lottery ticket.But the distracted clerk gave him a different game. When he scratched it off...he won a smooth one million bucks. nice.

Last week, police founda lab tech at a Georgia health sciences university throwing one hell of a party. When they got there he was drunk..not wearing pants...and two lab monkeys were out of their cages...he was arreted for public intoxication. "release the minkeys"...he screamed.

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A guy is Norway hit something while driving
A guy in Norway swerved to avoid hitting a moose on wednesday night...and hit a Bear instead. Both animals left the scene alive, and the driver is okay.

A Nigerian man at a Houston airport was caught with an entire Kilo of heroin in his bowels. We can help you with the math...that's a little over two pounds.

Ebay has banned the sale of all magic potions . Hexes,curses and prayers all gone.
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Screwy news for today
A bride is arrested for stabbing and killing her groom...on their wedding day. Wow>on saturday morning,a 31 year old man in Pennsylvania were set to be married. But on Friday night, no one could get in touch with them. Because the got in a fight and she stabbed and killed him."I did not kill him on purpose".

Women show their love by suppressing their urge to nag...men show love my vacuuming. The results of a new study. Thanks for that.

According to the New York times, America's richest Indian tribe is the shakopee Mdewakanton in Minnesota. They have two popular casino's that bring in so much cash..that each member of the tribe gets 1.08 million a year. $84,000 a month. nice plan.
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Topics: Human Interest
Locations: MinnesotaPennsylvania


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