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Posts from May 2012

A guy in Minnesota got naked and well you must read this
Last week, a guy in Minnesota got naked and tied himself blindfolded to a tree near a public park...in the hopes that someone would lay some anonymous love on him. He was arrested.

Somebody paid $4.4 million for Babe's Ruth 1920 New York Yankees Jersey. So suck oon That Third World people waiting on your next UNICEF grain shipment.

A 19 year old in california tried to make a video of a biker gang while driving his Prius...but he lost control of the car and accidentally hit two of them...so they beat him up and threatened him with a knife.

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Man bitten by Rattlesnake at Wal Mart!
What? Its true. On saturday, a 47 yearold man was shopping in the garden section of a wlamart in Idaho when a RATTLESNAKE slithered out and bit him on the hand. The hand swelled up the size of a cantaloupe from the venom. No word on legal action....yet. Key word yet.

A man is arrested after protesting an all-u-can eat fish fry that ran out of fish. On friday, a 53 year old man in Wisconsin went to a restuarant for an all you can eat fish fry. But they ran out after he ate 20 pieces. He went back the next day to picket. He was arrested when the cops said hit the highway. He said no. He went to jail.

One out of ten Bank robbers is now female.

The Tanning Mom wants to do "Playboy". They said  ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..no thanks.

Virgin Atlantic airlines is going to start letting people use their cell phones during the flight. Life just got better.  
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Topics: Human Interest
Locations: IdahoWisconsin

Father of the year Award
On Monday night, police in indianna got a call about a 29 year old dad driving with his four kids strapped to the hood of his car. His blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit and he was driving to the liquor store with his four kids, ages four,five,six and seven. They were strapped to the hood of the car because they thought it would be fun.He was arrested
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Topics: Law_Crime

Screwy news: must read for May 8th
The 24 year old call girl at the center of the Secret Service says the agents were,quote,"stupid brutes" who liked attention, showed off their abs, jumped on the bar and drank vodka like it was water. Sounds like fun to me....

Two construction workers were hospitalized in New Jersey yesterday , after one guy fell into a vat of acid...and his buddy jumped in to save him. Amazing.

There's a guy in Denver selling his motorcycle on Craigslist...to pay for his wife's boob job.

Two guys were arrested over the weekend in Pennsylvania for fighting with knives and a decorative flamingo.

Have a screwy day

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