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Screwy News

Posts from April 2012

Best screwy news ever: april 3oth
Here we go:

Obiwan Kenobi arrested nine days ago in California for a hit and run.

A 45year old man in poland dumped his dentist girlfriend for another woman...Then, in an extremely poor decision, he kept his appointment for oral surguery with her...and she removed ALL of his teeth while under anesthesia. She's facing three years in prison....and the guys new girlfriend left him..

The search engine Bing did a survey on the top things men put on their "bucket lists'"..and marriage was ninth.

A guy in florida was arrested for having an illegal roadside stand...selling moonshine.

Scients find that POWER is more addictive than cocaine.

Scients confirm that dogs are gullible and cats are manipulative little punks.
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Warning: don't drink to much COKE and more.
A 30 year old woman dies of a Heart Attack because she drank two gallons of coke a day.
The woman drank more than two gallons of coke every day. That's more than 20 12 ounce of cans a day.
That can cause low potassium, which can lead to irregular rhythms and even heart attacks.

This again;  10 year old boy in Indianapolis was hospitalized after and Olive garden accidentally served him rum.

A mom in texas rented rented a billboard to get her daughter voted prom queen.

Apparently, the most offensive thing a woman can call a man is...creepy.

Thats all for today.
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Locations: Indianapolis

Memphis Easter Egg Hunt goes Bad.
Memphis police reported that a man tought a woman was giving her children too much help finding the prize golden egg that contained $7. It was a sunday easter Egg Hunt. Family fun time.
The man and woman argued about 5:35 pm at the Shadowbrook Townhomes. After the man slapped the woman twice, a brawl erupted between the two families. The woman went indoors looking for a knife and came back with a claw hammer. She hit him in the head one time...."down goes frazier"..everybody goes to jail....Let's see knife or hammer for the battle....hammer not a bad choice. What would you use for the easter egg hunt brawl? Something to talk about at work....
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Screwy news ; trouble at waffle house
Trouble at Wafle house.shots were fired at waffle House in Georgia...in a disput over someone's facebook relationships status.

A restaurant owner in Laguna Beach, california lost his wallet on sunday...and since he was on his way to pay contractors, he was carrying $10,000 cash. Someone found it on a bench near the beach and turned it into a life gaurd anonymously...with the cash. The lifegaurd also didn't keep the cash. he turned it over to police...and the restaurant owner got all his cash back.

Never underestimate how seriously some people take their Cheddar bay Biscuits. Back on December 30th, at a red Loster in Illinois, a waitress was ATTACKED for bring a table the wrong order. The 20 year old woman who hit her is facing a felony battery charge.....And how was your weekend?
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Snickers is number one?
I just don't get it...How could Snickers be number one. Really. I just don't like the peanut/candy combo. Color me crazy but I think Peanuts should be eaten alone not mixed in chocolate. Three Muskateers is the perfect candy bar....light and frothy...The payday beats Snickers in my book. M&M's really top all of them.
Here's the list of the top ten
1) snickers
3)Reese's peanut butter cups
4)Hershey's bar
5)Kit Kat
7)3 muskateers
8) Milky way
9) Hershey's cookies and creme
10) Almond joy

it's all good.
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Dumb people-Dumb crooks and a dumb New trend
Dumb New trend: DIVORCE RINGS...When getting divorced why not give up a ring and get a new one?
Do you think this will work? Most divorce rings are shaped like a broken heart or skull. I think the skull ring has got a certain bang to it....go with it if you feel better.

Early on Sunday, a 21 year old in New York broke into an apartment and stole a ladys cell phone. She called the cops, who texted the phone. And the thief responded with an offer. He'd give the phone back if the woman would HOOK UP WITH HIM. The cops set up a meeting, the guy went there to hook up...and was arrested. nice plan igmo.

If we called 911 everytime fast food let us down, they'd never get a chance to address real crimes. Last week, a 50 year old woman in Tennessee called 911 twice, to complain that a hamburger she'd bought
was, quote "nasty". She wanted the cops to come get her a refund. She was arrested for abusing the 911 system.
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Topics: Human Interest
Locations: New YorkTennessee


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