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Screwy news for Monday March 26
In New York, an 83 yer old woman is suing Apple....because back in december, she walked into the glass door of an Apple store and broke her nose. her lawsuit claims the glass walls and doors of Apple Stores are not friendly to older customers because of their fading vision. One million bucka roos on the line.

On thursday morning, a 46 year old connecticut man broke into a steel business and started loading 700 pounds of their scrap metal into his pickup truck. Somehow,he but dialed 911...they used gps to find him. He was caught and arrested. so there.

Dream come true story of the week:On friday morning in maryland, the back door of an armoured truck broke open on the interstate....and $5,700. dollar , make me holler, fell on to the street. About 30 cars stopped to scoop up the cash. It was one was hurt or killed.the police said bring the money back and no one gets hurt. right...good luck with that.
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What will 68 million get you? Today's screwy news
In Switzerland, a jewlery company has made the world's first all diamond ring. That means there is no metal....The ring is 150 carats and is valued at 68 million buck a roos. Really?  Think of all the lottery tickets you could buy with that money.

Marriage in america is changing. Living together before marriage was strongly tied to divorce...not anymore. Half of all first marriages end in divorce. average age of kids getting married...26 for women-28 for men.

A new study found that 21 per cent of Americans would give up sex for a year to keep internet access.
77 per cent would give up chocolate. 49 percent said they would give up toasted cheese on the weekend. 32 per cent would give up slapping mosquitos for a year. No way. I draw the line.
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Screwy News: Never do Karaoke at Applebee's
A 28 year old knocked out the manager of a florida Applebees's on sunday, for trying to get him off stage on Karaoke night. The guy was drunk,began stripping, and customers complained. When the manager turned off the music, the guy punched him out cold. He was arrested, and charged with battery and disorderly conduct.

Back on March 3rd, a woman in Kentucky accidentally left her purse at a Best Buy...with $4,000 cash inside. Fortunatley for her, a Good Samaritan found the purse and returned it to police...with All the cash in place. The nice guy turned down a reward. There is a nice seat in heaven waiting on a few of us. Way to go.

30 percent of men ages 18-60 say their mothers still sometimes buy them clothes or tell them what  to wear......Nice. Really? Is Chris Michaels apart of the Thirty percent? no cause his mom lives out of town.
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