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Daily Dish - Friday August 12, 2011

Warrant lead singer JANI LANE found dead in his hotel room yesterday....we all loved CHERRY PIE AND HEAVEN...he will be missed....


iCARLY star MIRANDA COSGROVE was injured in a bus accident...

She broke her ankle and will be ok so dont worry...her mother was injured and will be ok and the bus DRIVER actually had to be airlifted to the hospital....shame..they will all recover safely we hope.


Here is how awesome TAYLOR SWIFT is....

we know she's awesome..but she is REALLY AWESOME....

she takes her entire staff...every employee from her tour...dancers...techs...band...crew....on vacation after each tour...how great is that...shes the new Oprah haha


If you want to be Paula Abduls assistant..here are a few things you'll have to do:

1. Search TIVO for mentions of her and then burn them to CD

2. Answer her emails as if you are her and reply

3. Constantly remind her she is a "warrior, survivor and a gift"

I love Paula..I could totally do ALL THREE OF THOSE!

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