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Screwy News

Screwy News - Wednesday August 31, 2011

On Friday , a man in Arkansas went for his first plane ride ever, on a small Cessna. He asked the pilot over his house so he could take photos...and spotted two men ROBBING the place. He called the cops and had the pilot follow the men as they tried to escape. They got arrested.


How did this woman not find this suspicious? On Monday is South Carolina, a woman decided to buy an IPAD for 180 bucks....but it from two guys in a McDonalds parking lot....up rolls an Impala with no rims and well....the IPAD turned out to be a piece of wood with an apple logo.


How to get to heaven? If you win an 80,000 dollar lottery ticket in Georgia...put it in the church collection plate and walk away. It happened and now someone has a hov lane to the big man in the sky.


08/31/2011 5:12AM
Screwy News - Wednesday August 31, 2011
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09/02/2011 4:08AM
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