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Screwy News - Thursday June 9, 2011

Best one of the year award;


1) On Sunday, 78 year old Salomon and his wife, 73 year old Lorenza Gasca, were at a brunch with their family in Houston Texas.. then they got in their car to drive to another relatives house about a mile away.

But they never showed up.

Finally, after several hours, their family members called the police and reprted them missing.

After three days of being missing, police finally got a hit on a license plate...524 miles away in Pensacola Florida.

They took a wrong turn and kept driving...and driving and driving.


2) A 25 year old woman and her forty year old friend were killed in Ottawa, Canada Monday night when an oncoming car hit a 300 lb bear ...sent it flying through the air...and through their windshield. The bear was killed too.

06/09/2011 5:11AM
Screwy News - Thursday June 9, 2011
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07/15/2011 7:55PM
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