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Screwy News

Screwy News - Friday September 2, 2011

A man threw his 7 year old overboard on a scenic cruise claiming it was just "horseplay" ...looking back he says now...it was probably a bad idea....


You'll never believe what this man found in his garden....

while digging through the dirt the other day...Wayne Sabaj of Johnsburg found 2 bags of MONEY in his garden containting more than 100,000. Being the honest man that he is...he called police monday afternoon and turned the money IN! Police are searching for fingerprints on the bags but are coming up empty handed.....fyi..if noone claims the money in a certain amount of time..he gets to keep the money....


Joe Hutt was doing some logging work...in Colorado....when BAM....a 6 ton trailer...fell on his FOOT...yes I said 6 tons....so what does he do.....surveys the situation....then decides to cut his toes off to set himself free....wow....you gotta do whatcha gotta do....

09/02/2011 4:16AM
Screwy News - Friday September 2, 2011
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