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David Beckham say it isn't so. No stuffing!
Today David Beckham denies stuffing his underwear for the H&M ad. The "stylists" for the commercial says david is definitely enhanced for his Super Bowl ads. David's rep says it "ain't so". Look for the photo's and yoube the judge.
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Will Walgreens continue to sell Cigarettes?
This week CVS says they will no longer sell smokes. Walgreens says they will continue to sell cigarettes as well as polarized Foster Grants and tacky pleather jackets. Also remember if you took off the W on would be at AlGreens. Get it. Al Green is a famous singer from Memphis.
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How to burn calories. Shocking new fact.
According to a new study, SHIVERING for 10 to 15 minutes burns as many calories as an hour of moderate exercise. The researchers found that both cold and exercise help produce a good kind of fat in your body that burns calories
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