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Ron Olson

Ron Olson
Posts from October 2013

Hot costumes for Memphis: It's Halloween
Here is a great list for some costume Ideas.

1) Witch
3) Janis Fullilove at a council meeting
4) Lauren Raymer-Weather Girl.(she's Hot)
5) Coach Pastner. Wear Blue and get a PERM
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Topics: Sports
Locations: MemphisPerm
People: Janis FulliloveLauren Raymer-Weather GirlPastner

ten most popular chocolate candy treats
People love chocolate. Me too. Here is the list to kick around.
1)Rees's Peanut Butter cup
3) Snickers
5)Kit Kat
6) Twix
7)3 Musketeers
8) Almond joy
9)Milky Way
10) Cookies and Creme

Give chocolate this year.
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Topics: Hospitality_Recreation

A Cry for Help! Must read.
Last month, a couple on a cruise ship in the Virgin Islands woke up in the middle of the night when they heard someone yelling for help. So they told the captain, who turned the ship around, searched for a hour, and found a capsized boat with three men who'd been floating for ten hours. Lives saved!
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People hate Congress! More than what?
A new poll asked Americans whether they had a higher opinion of Congress compared to other notorious people and things. A few things people like MORE than Congress are: Jury duty,fungus,cockroaches, the IRS, The DMV, and hemorrhoids. But people havea HIgher opinion of Congress than Ebola,heroin,Syria and twerking.
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Topics: PoliticsSocial Issues

Why are men afraid to approach women?
1)Not knowing how to start a conversation. They should teach this in school.
2) Not knowing how to talk to just one woman when she's with a group of friends. This is tough. You got to figure this one out on your own. Maybe throw something at her and say "great catch', That's my tip.
3) Being intimidated by her looks...This is also tough on a guy. You see someone that you think is way out of your league...and you know it...you say to yourself "I couldn't keep her happy"...then move on. But ask her if she likes guys that have low self esteem she might bite...

So that is why men are afraid to approach you. Try to make it easier on us. Maybe a smile or if you would buy a guy a drink...then you can have your way with us..and bat us around like a Cat Toy.
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Topics: Human Interest


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