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Weekend: read before you wade thru Michelle's stuff
What a weekend. I am bursting with stuff.
First off, Breaking Bad says good bye sunday. I am going to start watching this week.
Amazing Race is back sunday night.
SNL: new season with Tina Fey and Arcade Fire.

Bartlett Festival in Freeman Park tonight
Fall out boy sold out tonight on Mud Island
Ice cream festival at Autozone park saturday afternoon.
LuvMud 5k saturday at shelby farms. Take your dog.
Botanic Gardens. Plant show and sale today and saturday
Air Show at the Navy base all weekend.

Olemiss at Alabama 5:30 saturday
Ark and Texas A&M
Lsu - georgia
Tenn and the sisters of the poor from Iowa

How about dinner downtown somewhere?

Iron Man 3 out on dvd.

ahhh. nice weekend.
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Top Ten Foods that ruin your Diet
Here you go for today. Diet crunchers.

1) Chocolate
2) Potato chips
9)Chinese food
10) Indian Food

also: little Debbie snack cakes-Cheetos-tons of alcohol and fatback.
so have fun. ron
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This weekend is gonna be HUGE
There is so much going on...get up and go or satay home and veg. It's up to you. Here you go.

1) Foreigner at the Botanic gardens. Last show of the season.
2) Wide Spread Panic: all weekend
3) Lisa Marie Presley at the Levitt Shell. Free show Saturday night. It's where her dad got his start. Her Dad is famous.
4)Blues Ball downtown at the Gibson Saturday night.
5)Tigers 3:30 at Liberty Bowl looking for a win against Arkansas State.
6)Mid South Fair opens in Southaven

Whew. Nuff said. Oh yeah one more Flashdance at the Orpheum
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Memphis is Number 7! Must read
Good news for Renters.Memphis is #7 on big cities easy on renters.Kiplingers magazine has a new list out today.The list is based on a combination of living expenses, including rent, as a share of earnings for the typical renter. In other here is affordable for most. Raleigh,N.C> is number one.Followed by Las vegas-Dallas-Tulsa-Birmingham-Austin- Memphis at 7- Dayton- Oomaha and Richmond. 

Live on Memphis. Love you. ron
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Best Ever Reason not to Move to Florida!
This is creepy. Florida is currently overrun with angry,herpes infested Monkeys. What? Yeah.
There are 1000 of them that are now all over Florida. PS: they can swim.  It's time to reconsider Arkansas or  Georgia when making vacation plans. Can you imagine your kids on the beach, when all of a sudden they are fighting off Herpes Infested monkeys?
No thanks.
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3 things you need to know!
Good morning. Here we go.

1) Using Baby Wipes can be causing real problems. Washington DC found the city has seen a 35% jump in clogged pipes over the past few years, all because more and more people are using wipes. Use the trash can people.

2) McDonalds is Testing a Family Sized meal in a Box for 15 bucks. You get two Quarter Pounders, 20 mc Nuggets and two medium fries for $15. It is being tested in Kansas City. It might catch on.

3) You can now buy Pumpkin flavored M&M's. Yes.
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Big News: Cool News and Kinda Cool news.
First the Big News: Michelle broke the annoucement  today about Bruno Mars doing the Super Bowl halftime. Huger than huge.
Cool News: "The Million Second Quiz"...series premiere tonight. Ryan Seacrest to host. This might be fun if you are a big Trivia fan...It's on NBC 7pm
Kinda Cool news:  Jenny McCarthy joins THE VIEW TODAY.Michael Buble celebrates his birthday with her today.

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Two Must Do'S for the weekend
This Weekend is begging you to come out and Play.

1) Tiger football: Saturday at 3:30. Duke comes to town. Tickets five bucks at Kroger. They might have something this year. As always HOPE springs eternal for the university of Memphis.

2) Zoo Rendezvous. Saturday night. It takes a lot of money to feed those animals. Tons. It is the biggest party of the year. PS: wear something animal like

Weekend bonus: The Delta fair. It screams Date Night.
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