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Ron Olson

Ron Olson
Posts from August 2013

Want to see John Mayer?
He'll be on Letterman tonight. Look for the Memphis connection Wednesday night on Letterman. I wish John Mayer would come to Minglewood. Wait I'm dreaming it's Monday...ok...that ain't happening.
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World's Most Expensive hamburger
It's crazy. Would you pay $38 for a Fast Food Burger? Now you can get one at Jack in the Box. It has 20 patties and onion rings and bacon and the Kitchen sink. Hello hospital. 

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So stupid: please read
On sunday, two guys tried to rob a restaurant in Chicago. But they went right during the lunch rush. The owner told them he was TOO BUSY with customers...and told them it would be better if they came back in an hour. THEY DID. This time, the owner was ready and called the cops. Both men are facing robbery charges.
Nuff said
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Locations: Chicago

How much do New Parents fight a year?
Wow! According to a recent survey, new parents fight 187 times the year after their child is born...42% more than they did before. Most of it is about diaper changing or who gets out of bed to feed your little bundle.
You are normal
love ron
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How did Rich people get rich?
They all do certain things on a regular basis.

Never forget your Long Term goals

Don't Trade up to a bigger house and overextend yourself

Don't Burn Bridges
Negoiate to get the highest starting salary possible

Network with successful people

and always listen to fm100
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Number One UNwritten Rule for guys!
Guys (most guys) have a few Unwritten Rules that they follow. Like never ever date a guy's EX girlfriend under any circumstance or you can prove what a crappy friend you really and truly are. There are a few other "Commandments'
1) Don't lie to your friends
2)Don't dodge your turn to buy a round of drinks
3) Give a guy a four foot putt
4) Don't steal his jokes or his move
5) Don't talk about anything other than sports when you're watching sports

so there. And never go out with a friend's MOM>
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Topics: Human Interest

The 10 worst things to use for Passwords
You can guess that PassWord is the worst Password. It's one of many. Don't use the name of your pets. Wedding anniversaries. A brothers birthday. Your child's name. Another family member's name. Your Hometown. Your favorite Holiday. Something related to your favorite sports team. Your significant others name. Or PASSWORD,
Good luck. Try number combos and the words Ron and MIchelle somewhere in the mix.
 NUff Said.
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Locations: Hometown

7 Current Fads We're going to Regret
Here we go:
1) Tshirts that say "keep Calm". Keep calm and drink a beer.ETC
2)The Phrase YOLO..."YOu only live once"
3)Mustaches. Enough said.
4)Using instagram to make all your photos look vintage
5) Vampires and Zombies
7) Wearing glasses when you don't need them

I agree with all of these especially number 5.
love ron

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No More Excuses: here are the facts
According to a new poll, about one in three people spend more time worrying about exercising..and making excuses NOT to exercise...than they spend actually exercising. The top excuse we use to talk ourselves out of working out is...I'm tired. Bad weather is number 2. 
Get up and do something today. Strap on fm100 in your ear buds and get walking. ron
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Tax Exempt weekend: details on what to buy
Clothing: shirts,dresses,coats,shoes ,sneakers, belts and of course underwear. I need a six pack.

School supplies: scissors-tape-binders-bags- crayons

Art supplies- Acrylic paintssketch pads-clay-watercolors

computers: go crazy...laptop city.

all weekend starting friday.
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