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Ron Olson
Posts from July 2013

Huge news for people allergic to Cats
A team of scientists in England have successfully isolated the protein in Cat Fur that makes you allergic. Hoo ray. I am so allergic to cats...scratching and itching and swelling up. I can't get near them but now...there is hope. I would get a cat ifthis little cure comes to be. Five years away. It might be worth the wait. love ron
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Katy Perry wins the Twitter Battle
Katy Perry is the most popular female on twitter. 39.9 million followers...I got about 500. Let's see how does that compare? Well maybe I have more than Justin Bieber...no...he has 42.3 million....Obama has 34.5 million. Ok.

Here'sthe deal I would like 501 followers on twitter. I am new to it. Tardy to the party. If you can follow me today I would appreciate the 501st follower more than Katy,Justin or the President. @ronolsonmemphis.

Have a great day.
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$500 Dollar Tip after Dinner! What? Who?
Taylor Swift went out to Dinner with Ed Sheeran at Ralph's Italian Restaurant in Philly. They took photo's with the staff  and gave the Chef tickets to their show the next night. When they left, She put $500 bucks on the tab as a tip. How awesome is that? Lifetime friends. Talk about putting your money where your mouth is.
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Forbes richest stars under 30! Must read
Well here is another fun list. THe top money earners last year from Forbes magazine. These are the kids under 30,
1)Lady Gaga...80 million

2)Justin Bieber-58 million

3) Taylor Swift- 55 million

4) Calvin Harris- 46 million

5)Rihanna- 43 million

6)Katy Perry-39 million

7)Adele-25 million

8)Jennifer Lawrence-26 million

9)Kristen Stewart-22 million

10) Taylor Lautner- 22 million

I stand amazed.

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9 things banned overseas but not in the U.S.
Here we go: what a crazy thought process.
1) Baby walkers..those plastic things with handles that let your baby walk around with some support
2)Ketchup in school cafeterias
3) Mullets. Can't wear one in Iran.
4)Plastic bags.Don't take them to Bangladesh.
5)Spanking> Not in sweden. It's outlawed
6) Chewing gum. Forget the Wrigleys in Singapore.
7)Tobacco. In Bhutan...you can't grow it or sell it. Not a bad
8) Weird Baby names. IN Denmark..they have 7,000 approved names...WOW
9) Using the words "breaking News"..because TV5 in Memphis overuses it daily.
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Best Monster of all time? what do you think?
Rolling Stone says the "Godzilla" is the Best monster of all time! Guess who is number 2?
You are right" King Kong". The loved crazed Gorilla who was smitten by a blonde 20 something. Can't blame him. But was she enought to make you climb the Empire State building?
"Alien" was number 5
"The wolf Man" was number 4
Number 3 "Frankenstein"

I think Jaws should have been in the top 5.
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New weight loss challenge
I have decided that a couple of dollars might motivate me to lose some weight....Tomorrow I start the 30 day challenge with my friend Gary Earhart...we weigh in tonight...whoever loses the most weight is 30 days ...is the winner.  The loser pays up $200 bucks to the triumphant winner. It sounds stupid...but it might work, I really want to beat him at anything...I am hoping to lose 10-12 lbs. Stay tuned and I will keep you posted.   Love ron
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Things to do this weekend
The weather is going to be perfect. A nice break from 106 heat index. Where to begin?
1)  Sound of Music sing a long lead my Chris Michaels at the Orpheum tonight.
2) Robert Plant at the botanic gardens...mr Led Zeplin..saturday night
3)Pacific Rim..the movie...great reviews if you like giant robotic monsters
4) Bark after Dark tonight. A benefit party and bike ride for the Humane society at shelby farms tonight.
5) Beyonce saturday night in Nashville( if you you need a road trip)
6)Memphis Zoo: they got a new hippo...
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Do you really love the person you're married to?
Shocking news. Kinda. There are some pessimistic stats out these days. 15% of people wish the had Married someone else. Will anyone admit that It happens?. Do you have someone "that got away"....That must be a horrible feeling. Did you marry for the money or the security of a relationship? Ron and michelle will talk this up tomorrow morning. We want your spin on it. love ron 
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Scary surgery story. Must read!
 A 41 year old woman in New York overdosed on painkillers and relaxants. Doctors decided she had irreversible brain damage, so her family pulled the plug. And just as they were about to take her organs...she WOKE UP on the operating table. The hospital was fined. She didn't sue..yet.  Please don't pull my plug. love ron
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What puts you in a Good Mood? I know
Think about it for a minute. I love pasta,golf,music and hearing my daughter sing. Here are some of the things to try if a good mood is what you need.
1) Going to a museum...like Brooks.
2)Exercising. It really helps.
3) walking or hiking
4) being around nature. I love being outside all the time.
6) Dancing
7) a really good cup of coffee
8) hearing a compliment from a complete stranger ( not Creepy)
9) Free lunch
10) Lots of music on your way to work and Ron and Michelle on the radio ride.
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