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Ron Olson

Ron Olson
Posts from June 2013

Bear Mauls man: stupid story
A guy got mauled by a bear on Saturday. Because he went to a lake campground for a church picnic, got drunk, and threw bar b Q at a bear....he may be charged with illegally feeding wildlife. He should be charged with stupidity. Today's lesson. Don't throw Bar B Q at a bear.
How drunk can you be?
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Does Teamwork actually Work
We've been taught ever since we were little kids that there's no "I" in team, and we can do so much more when we work together. After a lifetime of hearing those lessons...we all COMPLETELY disagree.
A new survey found that 89% of office workers in the U.S. say they're MOST productive when they work alone. 11% think teamwork  is the best way to get stuff done.
Oh well.
Their is "me" in team. And Meat.
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Best and worst Father's Day Gifts
Here we go:
1)nothing- forgetting to get him something
2)Socks and underwear
3) a tie

1)photos of kids
2)handmade gifts and cards
3) spending time with the family

I want a drum set or a new bike. I feel like a kid writing santa
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Guess who is Number One?
"The Voice"...number one in the TV ratings war. In fact, It was number one and number two. I gave up on it after judith hill and the Memphis kids got bumped. Is it all a set up and they know who they want to win in the beginning? Not sure.
Also Good Morning America is beating the Today show big time. I am now watching them (in between songs) and like what GMA is doing. 
The show that most people like on the way to work is Ron and michelle...it's the story of two quirky kids trying to make it on their own...check it out on fm100
see ya
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