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FM100Memphis: RT @TMZ: Amber Heard has filed for divorce from Johnny Depp ... shockingly 3 days after Johnny's mom died. https://t.co/i3Py2I1k39

Ron Olson

Ron Olson
Posts from May 2013

Fantastic News for Candy Lovers
Eating a Ton of Candy doesn't make you chubby...According to a New Study sponsored by the Candy industry. Well I guess so. 96% of adults eat candy and the ones who eat the most were not more likely to be over weight. So there. Pass the Twizzlers.
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Good News for Memphis
Yahoo travel has picked Memphis as one of It's Top Five affordable Getaways.
#1 Kansas city
#2 Nashville
#3 San Antonio ( not right now for grizz fans)
#4Minneapolis/St. Paul
#5 Memphis

It really is agreat place to hang for a super long weekend.
Memphis in may
Italian festival
Fed X St. Jude golf tournament
Tunica casino's
go Memphis
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This could be one of those moments(must read)
I am so proud of the Memphis Grizzlies. I wish I was ten years old again. This team and these players will ba talked aobut 30 years from now. "Do you remember when the Grizzlies had Zac and Gasol and Tony and Lionel Hollins..... A team of Destiny. I believe it now for sure. The excitement level if off the charts right now. True Teamwork. This is what it's like when you are in the zone. Don't lay down. Get in the Zone and relish it.
Between Justin Timberlake and "The Voice" and the Bar B Q...Memphis has a cool vibe pumping out right now.
Soak it up.
It's called pride.
Be a part of it.
Wave your towel.
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A single Mom hits it big
Amazing story! A single mom in Mission Viejo, California buys five dollars worth of lottery tickets every week. But last week, she made a mistake and put six dollars into the self service machine. When she had a one dollar credit, she decided to spend iton an extra Super Lotto Plus ticket...and she ended up winning 14 million.
What a moment.
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What a weekend.
It started with Musicfest downtown. Tons of out -of-towners enjoying the mud and the music. And spending lots of money all over town. Good for hotels and restaurants.
Grizzlies big win on friday night against the Clippers. What a comeback for our boys.
Oak Hall run for St.Jude on sunday. Huge turnout. Lots of coin raised for the kids.
Burgers on my new grill. Out of this world tasty. I need to compete.
And today news of Justine Timberlake coming to Fed X forum. (nov 18th)
The sun is going to shine again soon or is it already shinning?
love ron
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