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Ron Olson

Ron Olson
Posts from April 2013

Rich and young: It must be nice
Taylor Swift just bought a new home in New England for 17million cash. Wow factor 10 in my book. Really? why? Because you can that's why. It comes with 8 bathrooms and 14 former Boyfriends.
You can see the Mansion at fm100memphis.com
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People: Taylor Swift

Want to sell your house? Better read this.
New Realtor Survey says: If you smoke...it reduces the value of your home by 30%. Whoa.
You got to smoke outside if you want to sell your house. The minute I walk in and catch a whiff of Marlboro light...I'm gone. Next house please. It also applies to car sales. But I bet a smokey kiss from Justin Timberlake would turn you around.
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Things you need to know! Must read.
Well Hello:
8 Days until Secretaries day(office assistant's day)
17 days til "Iron Man 3"
26 days til Mothers Day
38 days until Memorial day
61 days until the greatest day ever....Father's day.
And tomorrow will be the best day ever...just wait.
ron olson
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Fun for the Weekend
Hey good morning. There are a couple of great things going on this weekend. #1 the Grizzlies are home at the Forum against the LA Clippers on saturday night.
The movie 42 is getting rave reviews. Movie Mom loved it.
Lichterman nature center has a big plant sale going on saturday.
The memphis zoo has opened their "Stingray" exhibit. Very cool.
I smell golf sometime this weekend.
Mulch is in my future also. See ya at Lowe's this weekend.

Turn the radio up and put the top down. 
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Is Gwyneth Paltrow the most hated Celebrity?
I can't believe it! Really. Now way. According to Star magazine Gwyneth Paltrow is the number one most hated in Hollywood. John Mayer #4/ Katherine Heigel #5 Chris Brown #20. Others on the top 20 list LeAnne Rimes-Taylor Swift-Anne Hathaway and more.
Michelle says she can't stand Katherine Heigel. Really ..she better check herself.
More talk about it tomorrow at 7:25 on the ride to work.
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Big News for Memphis
The Memphis Soul Patrol is heading to the White House next Tuesday. Justin Timberlake,Al Green,William Bell, Queen Latifah,Steve Cropper,  Booker T.Jones,Cyndi Lauper and more along with Michelle Obama on the mike. It will be filmed for a special and aired the following week.

Memphis love. It's a salute to the sound of Memphis. Nothing like it anywhere.

Will Ron Olson be invited to MC? Stay tuned.  
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Six most contaminated things in your Kitchen
The vegetable and meat compartments in your fridge....The rubber seal under the blade of your blender...the can opener...the rubber spatula....and any rubber -sealed food storage containers,
Now go and have a great day. I think it was actually five, so I'll add one of my own ...your disposal button.
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